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The Course Review Process

The web is STUFFED with course reviews written by affiliate marketers who have never taken the course they’re reviewing.

This is unhelpful at best, and downright scammy at worst.

How is someone who has never taken a course going to help you decide if it’s right for you?

How are they going to know if it actually fulfills its promises if they’re just regurgitating claims from the course’s sales page (or copying what other reviewers say)?

Investing in a course is a big, potentially life-changing decision. The last thing you want is to throw away your hard-earned money on a course that sucks.

I’m speaking from experience here.

After naively following not one, but two bad course recommendations (and chucking $1,500 down the drain), I vowed to help others avoid the same pitfall.

Our review process

Our review process is broken up into three stages.

Level 1:
Basic info on a course that’s on our “to-review” list. We haven’t actually taken it yet, so you might want to search for others with first-hand experience.

Level 2:
Our research team has access to the course and spends 3+ hours poking around various lessons, bonuses, and the community to determine if it’s legit.

Level 3:
I personally go through every lesson of the course — which can sometimes take weeks — to give you insider insights found nowhere else on the web.

Naturally, Level 3 reviews will be the most helpful to you (although even Level 2 will give you more detailed info than most of what you’ll find online).

Every Level 3 course review you see on this site is a course that I have taken in its entirety.

You can verify this by comparing the depth of my reviews (ex. my walk-through videos) to those that just re-hash information.

I start each course pretending I am brand new on the given subject.

Then I go through, lesson by lesson, taking notes in Notion about:

👍 What the course does well
👎 What I don’t like
🤷‍♂️ Any missing information that would hinder a student’s success.

Since some courses come with hundreds of lessons, this is no small feat (which is why many sites don’t do it).

Here’s an example of how I set up my notes for each course, in case you’re curious:

If the course comes with a Facebook group, I check it out to see how active and helpful it is.

If the course comes with job opportunities, I make note of the quantity and quality of leads posted.

If the course comes with live support calls, I watch them (usually a replay) to see how useful they are.

Basically, before I recommend anything, I want to be DANG sure that it fulfills the promises it makes on its sales page.

If I give a course the green light, it is because I genuinely believe it will help anyone who:

1️⃣ Meets the criteria the course requires.
2️⃣ Has time in their schedule to put in the work.
3️⃣ Actually does ALL of the work, without giving up early.

Some reviews take 100+ hours to put together, so if you found one helpful and want to say “Thanks, Mitch!” (at no cost to you), you can click the button at the end of any review before making a purchase. Forward me your receipt and I’ll even send you a bonus.

That said, whether you use my links or not, I stand by my recommendations and hope you crush it on your journey 💪🏼.

P.S. – I do my best to show exactly what a course is like using video and screenshots. But since many courses constantly update their content and offers, it’s best to examine the current sales page to see if anything has changed since my review.


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