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13 Travel Hacking Facebook Pages that Show How to Fly for Pennies

We’ve all heard the stories…

You know, the stories of the frequent flyer fanatic who circled the globe for free…in first class.

Or the family of four who flew across the world and didn’t spend a dime on airfare.

Or the credit card rewards nerd who bounces in and out of 5-star resorts like some kind of billionaire.

They make it look so easy. Why can’t we all do that?

Well, for one, it’s confusing.

Credit card churning, minimum spends, manufactured spending, rewards multipliers, shopping portals, alliance partner transfers…

It’s like a completely different language.

Sure, free travel sounds cool and all. But ain’t nobody got time to untangle the complexities of the travel hacking world.

At least, not by themselves. Fortunately, there are now TONS of resources out there to help the average person learn how to travel for practically nothing

One great source of information is travel hacking Facebook pages. 

These pages not only teach you how to travel hack, but they also keep you up to date with the latest limited-time deals, discounts, and cheap travel opportunities.

Today I’m going to show you the top 10 travel hacking Facebook pages that’ll teach you how to travel for pennies.

By following these pages, checking out their blogs, and joining their Facebook groups—you’ll have everything you need to start earning free flights and hotel stays. 

Let’s get started!

Note: If you visit some of these pages and feel confused. Don’t worry, that’s normal! Most of these Facebook pages are connected to blogs with “Beginner Guides” (which I link to in this article). Once you read through these guides, everything will make more sense. 

Better yet, head over to this wiki on the r/churning subreddit, and you’ll get up to speed super fast.

#1.) The Points Guy

The Points Guy, run by Brian Kelly, is probably the most popular resource out there for all things related to travel hacking. If you’re new to this world, check out their beginner’s guide and FAQ page to learn the basics. Once you have those down, their travel page on Facebook is a great place to stay up-to-date with travel hacking news. You can also join their TPG Lounge Facebook group to ask questions and get expert tips.

#2.) Mommy Points

Just because you have a family doesn’t mean you can’t use these strategies. Mommy Points is a special subsection of The Points Guy that focuses specifically on showing families how to hack their way to cheap vacations. They also have a special Facebook group, TPG Family, where you’ll find family travel discussions and tips. 

#3.) Johnny Jet

Johnny Jet’s Facebook page is a mix of all things travel—rewards travel tips, entertaining personal travel stories, contests, interesting travel news, and more. If you click over to the Johnny Jet blog, you’ll find the Beginner’s Guide to Points and Miles as well as other helpful resources.

#4.) Going (formerly Scott’s Cheap Flights)

Going is a popular email newsletter that sends out deeply discounted flights and mistake fares.

I show you exactly how to use it to find crazy cheap deals in my full Going review.

That said, their Facebook page is also full of awesome guides and strategies for finding your own cheap flights and saving money on travel.

They also have a very active Travel Community Facebook group where you can tap into the knowledge of 100k+ other travelers to get your questions answered.

#5.) Million Miles Secrets

Here you’ll find all sorts of money-saving travel tips—from the best way to use credit card rewards points to how to protect yourself from pickpockets as a tourist. Click over to their blog and you’ll find a step-by-step guide on how to get started travel hacking. This includes a handy How To Get To section where you can choose a destination, and they’ll explain the best way to use points to get there. 

#6.) One Mile at a Time

This page, run by Ben Schlappig (AKA Lucky) is full of travel rewards news and reviews. If you’re just getting started, a lot of what you’ll find on his Facebook page might look a little foreign. Luckily, on his website, he’s put together one of the most comprehensive beginner’s tutorials out there. Take a few minutes to go through it, and everything will start to make sense. 

#7.) 10x Travel

The 10x Travel Facebook page is full of cheap travel tips, limited-time travel deals, and inspiring case studies showing how people have successfully used traveling hacking to fulfill their travel dreams. I also recommend joining the Facebook group, 10xTravel Insiders, where you can get all your questions answered. Best of all, when you join his newsletter, you get access to a free eBook that guides you by the hand and turns you into a travel hacking expert. 

#8.) Travel is Free

Travel is Free is run by Drew and Carrie MacComber, a couple who has been traveling the world for years. Their Facebook page is full of valuable traveling hacking info, but the real gold is on their Travel is Free podcast, where they interview travel hacking experts and share the latest tips. Their blog also has some handy maps and infographics.

#9.) Mile Value

Mile Value is all about how to earn rewards points faster, and how to spend them strategically so they last longer. Their Facebook page is regularly updated with new deals and valuable tips. In addition to the free resources on their blog, they also offer credit card consultations and an award booking service for those who want personalized help directly from an expert. If you want the benefits of travel hacking but don’t have time to figure it all out for yourself, these services can cut the learning curve WAY down.

#10.) FlyerTalk

The FlyerTalk Facebook page is more than just a source of travel hacking information. They also post super useful air travel tips (as well as some pretty entertaining airport news stories). But perhaps even MORE valuable is the FlyerTalk forum, where you can find answers to any questions you may have—whether that be about travel hacking or destinations in general. 

Cheap Flight Finder Facebook Pages

The following three Facebook pages are constantly sending out time-sensitive super cheap flight deals. Most deals won’t apply to you because they include airports from all around the world. That said, you never know when the perfect flight might pop in your newsfeed, so it doesn’t hurt to follow them!

#11.) The Flight Deal

#12.) Mighty Travels

#13.) Secret Flying

Well, there you have it!

When traveling the world, flights are one of the most costly expenses you’ll have to pay. Now you have all the material you need to learn how to get them for FREE.

So grab yourself a cup of coffee, read through the beginner’s guides, follow these pages, and start earning yourself free travel. No more making excuses that it’s too expensive!

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Kieren Vaughan

Friday 6th of March 2020

So do you have to use a credit card in order to take advantage of these opportunities?


Saturday 7th of March 2020

Taking advantage of travel rewards credit cards is definitely the most powerful way to rack up free flights. But if you're just looking to find cheap tickets and don't want to do the whole credit card thing, you can use sites like Scott's Cheap Flights to find mistake fares and really cheap fares.


Wednesday 23rd of October 2019

So many people say they want to travel - if only they could afford it! It takes time and effort to get good deals. So this is a great time-saving resource which cuts the excuses. So now people just have to decide where they want to go! No more excuses. Great resource Mitch!


Thursday 24th of October 2019

Thanks, Rosemary! Yeah, in the past I've only done just the basics and still have saved several thousand dollars in flights. It really makes air travel affordable for can't argue with free!


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