is travel insurance worth it? (graphic with text)

is travel insurance worth it? (graphic with text)

graphic with text - is travel insurance really worth it?

Backpacker travel insurance – is it really worth the money?

Let me tell you a little story.

Once upon a time, there was an extremely handsome man named Mitch (maybe you’ve heard of him). Mitch wanted to go traveling, but he didn’t have much money. He’d just graduated college and had a literal buttload of debt.

So he started saving.

man working at construction site
Probably breathing in things that shouldn’t be breathed in

He slaved away pouring cement.

He received a (disappointingly small) insurance check for a near-death motorcycle accident he’d been in.

And, with tears rolling down his cheeks, he even sold his beloved car, Delilah.

It was hard saying goodbye to her, but he was desperate for adventure.

Time passed, and he finally thought he’d saved enough money. That’s when he was hit with an unpleasant realization.

His health insurance was worthless overseas. If he wanted protection, he needed to buy travel insurance.

But travel insurance isn’t exactly cheap.

Purchasing a plan meant cutting his trip short by one month (or more). Did he really even need it?

After all, he was young and healthy. Some might even consider him a “stud”. Maybe he could skip it. He’d probably be fine. As long as he was careful, right?


Mitch came to his senses. He realized his health was way more important than an extra month of travel. It wasn’t worth the risk. No matter how careful he was, he knew he’d face situations out of his control (images of a rickety chicken bus swerving along death road kept popping in his mind).

So, Mitch bit the bullet.

After doing tons of research, comparing different travel insurance policies, and studying the fine printβ€”he finally found a clear winner. World Nomads travel insurance was by far the best option for him.

πŸ„β€β™‚οΈ Their plans are designed for adventurous travelers and cover a wide range of adventure sports and activities.

🌎 They are super flexible and allow you to buy a plan, extend it, or make a claimβ€”even if you’re already traveling.

🧳 They protect your luggage. They even have coverage options for expensive electronics (like a laptop) in case you’re working on the road.

πŸ’° And best of all, by focusing on what travelers really need (and leaving out what they don’t), they offer some of the most competitive prices online.

It’s exactly what Mitch needed.

He bought it, left on his trip, and felt safe knowing World Nomads had his back. And guess what happened?

Mitch ended up having bad luck.

He crashed a dirtbike in Thailand and needed stitches.

using world nomads travel insurance after scraping arm in motorcycle accident

He came down with a weird lung infection in Colombia and got sent to the hospital.

x-ray of lung infection covered by world nomads travel insurance

His arm swelled up to the size of a balloon and turned purple after blasting his biceps at the gym (#swole).

blocked vein in arm covered by travel insurance

Mitch was sure happy he’d decided to buy World Nomads travel insurance. Not only did it save him thousands of dollars, it also gave him peace of mind so he could enjoy his trip.

Mitch is now a true believer in travel insurance. He doesn’t leave the country without it. For him, it’s not worth the risk.

Is World Nomads travel insurance right for you? Check it out and see for yourself.

Still not convinced? Read this β†’ Why travel insurance is really worth it.

Here’s a handy tool to get a free instant quote (without any annoying reps calling you):

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