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15 Best Gifts for Digital Nomads (To Make Work-Travel Easier)

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Gift shopping for digital nomads can be a headache.

They are constantly on the move, need to jam all their belongings into a little backpack, and usually are pretty minimalistic.

What could you possibly give them that they’ll actually use?

That’s exactly what you’ll discover in this list of best gifts for digital nomads.

As a digital nomad myself, these are ALL things I either (1) use on a daily basis, or (2) would love if someone bought for me 😇

No matter which you choose, you’re guaranteed to make “work on the road” more enjoyable (and profitable) for your loved one.

For gift ideas for digital nomads, check out these top 15 gifts for business travelers. These posts focus on items specific to working on the road, but digital nomads also need normal travel gear too! Here are LOADS of other travel gift ideas.

#1.) Pacsafe Travelsafe Portable Safe

Pacsafe Travelsafe GII 12 Liter Portable Safe (Black)

This is a great travel gift for digital nomads or anyone who travels with expensive equipment like laptops, tablets, cameras, etc.

One of the biggest worries travelers have is how to keep their belongings safe. It’s hard to enjoy a destination if you have to leave your expensive equipment behind in an insecure hostel or hotel room. The Pacsafe Travelsafe—a bag lined with metal mesh wire that can be locked to any fixed object—puts those worries to rest once and for all. 

An alternative option is the bag protector which secures your entire backpack.

(Other options: Amazon)

#2.) Solis Mobile Wifi

Person using Skyroam mobile wifi on his laptop in the grass

Solis Mobile Wifi (formerly Skyroam) is one of the best gifts for digital nomads who need to be constantly connected. 

It’s a pay-as-you-go hotspot that provides fast internet connection in over 130 connections.

By giving Solis as a gift, your traveler will always have a backup plan and will never have to worry about losing connection again.

It seems simple, but this is one of the best productivity hacks for digital nomads that money can buy.

(For a more detailed breakdown of Solis and other mobile wifi hotspots for digital nomads, click here).

#3.) Surfshark VPN Subscription

Speaking of safety, health isn’t the only thing your traveler has to worry about. When you become a digital nomad, you need to be extra careful to protect your data.

When using public wifi—as they probably do all the time on the road—their sensitive personal data (credit card numbers, passwords, etc) is at risk to hackers. 

Fortunately, if they’re using a VPN, they can encrypt their information and “hide” it from digital thieves. There are many VPNs out there, but one of the best values for travelers is Surfshark.

#4.) Mini Surge Protector

Belkin Wall Mount Surge Protector - 3 AC Multi Outlets & 2 USB Ports - Flat Rotating Plug Splitter - Wall Outlet Extender for Home, Office, Travel, Computer Desktop & Phone Charger - 918 Joules

Here’s another great gift for digital nomads (or anything traveling with an expensive phone or other electronics).

Electricity in developing countries can be sketchy. Most travelers learn this the hard way. They charge their expensive equipment in basic wall outlets with a “my electronics are indestructible” attitude.

That is, until it all gets fried. 

So do the traveler in your life a favor. Get them this mini surge protector, and help them avoid having to learn the hard way. 

#5.) Anti-Theft Laptop Backpack (with Built-In Charging Port)

Tzowla Travel Laptop Backpack Water Resistant Anti-Theft Bag with USB Charging Port and Lock 15.6 Inch Computer Business Backpacks for Women Men Work College Gift,Casual Daypack

Anti-theft travel bags are great travel gifts for digital nomads who regularly carry around expensive equipment with them—especially if they spend time smooshed inside packed buses or metros (where theft is common).

This model comes with tons of cool technology to stop thieves in their tracks—hidden zippers and pockets, cut-proof material, and even a built-in USB charging port.

However, the bag does come with some downsides—many complain it can be a pain to open and close (it’s built to keep out thieves, after all!).

For even more cool backpack ideas, check out this list of best luggage for digital nomads.

#6.) Durable “Travel-proof” External Hard Drive

SP Silicon Power 2TB Rugged Portable External Hard Drive Armor A60 Shockproof USB 3.1 Gen1 for PC Mac Xbox and PS4 Black

A digital nomad’s livelihood is literally tied to the data saved on their computer. They need a reliable external hard drive to back up that data in case of emergency.

However, not all hard drives are built to withstand a rough travel lifestyle. 

There are some drives out there that are basically bulletproof (like this one), but they can get pricey.

The Silicon Power A60, however, provides decent durability without the huge price tag.

#7.) Skillshare Annual Subscription

Skillshare logo

As a digital nomad, it seems like I’m forced to learn a new skill every single week. Yes, a lot of it can be learned via Google, but it’s not the same as going through a paid course focused on exactly what you need to learn.

That’s where a Skillshare Subscription comes in. In my opinion, this is one of the best gifts for digital nomads. With the subscription, they’ll have unlimited access to over 30,000 classes related to building an online business—from learning graphic design and writing to accounting and productivity (and everything in between).

This is a top travel gift that’ll take their business to the next level.

Note: First sign them up for a free subscription using the button below, then upgrade their account.  

#8.) Alfa Wifi Signal Booster

Alfa Long-Range Dual-Band AC1200 Wireless USB 3.0 Type-C Wi-Fi Adapter w/2x 5dBi External Antennas – 2.4GHz 300Mbps/5GHz 867Mbps – 802.11ac & A, B, G, N

Sometimes it’s hard finding good wifi on the road. And for digital nomads, no wifi = no money.

That’s why this Alfa Long-Range Wifi Antenna is a lifesaver travel present for digital nomads.

The antenna picks up signals from far away and makes them stronger (ex. They could be connected to the cafe’s wifi down the street).

#9.) BUBM Travel Accessory Organizer

Electronic Organizer, BUBM Travel Cable Bag/USB Drive Shuttle Case/Electronics Accessory Organizer for Home Office-Grey

As you might expect, digital nomads carry around lots of different electronics.

And lots of electronics = lots of cords, adapters, memory cards, etc.

Without a system for staying organized, this can be a nightmare.

This BUBM Travel Organizer Bag is the perfect solution your digital nomad will love.

#10.) Leather “Cord Tacos”

Leather-Cord-Organizer,Puiuisoul Cord Taco Trio Charger Earphone Wire Fastening Ties for Earbud Wrap Headphones USB Cable Gift

A simpler (and more compact) alternative to the BUBM organizer are these handy little guys.

They’re nice because you can carry around the cords you need individually (vs. the BUBM where everything is together).

Ask any traveler and they’ll agree that untangling knotted up headphones and charging cords every time they pull them out of their bag is not fun.

These leather “cord tacos” are a great solution to this vexing problem.

#11.) Macbook Air (M1)

Apple 2020 MacBook Air Laptop M1 Chip, 13” Retina Display, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD Storage, Backlit Keyboard, FaceTime HD Camera, Touch ID. Works with iPhone/iPad; Space Gray

If you’ve got extra money to spare and want to buy a travel present that is guaranteed to be one of your digital nomad’s most prized possessions—this is it.

They are trying to build a business online, so they should be using quality equipment. 

If they’re still using their ratty old laptop from college, the new Macbook Air M1 will be a gift that shows them you believe in them and support their business (for more ideas, check out this list of best laptops for digital nomads).

This is the laptop I personally use while traveling the world, and I absolutely love it.

#12.) Travel-Themed Hard Shell Cover for Laptop

Funut Compatible with MacBook Pro 13 inch Case 2020 2019 2018 2017 2016 Release A2159 A1989 A1708 A1706, Rubberized Plastic Hard PC Protective Cover for MacBook Pro 13.3' (Left and Right Brain)

Help your digital nomad protect their expensive laptop with a beautiful hardshell case. 

In addition to the travel-themed case pictured above, there are many other cool designs on Amazon.

This specific case is built for a Macbook, but there are cases for Windows laptops as well. (Make sure you choose a case that fits their specific model).

Make sure to pick up a unique keyboard cover while you’re at it to help them protect their expensive equipment from dust, crumbs, sand, etc.

#13.) Scrubba Air Sleeve

Scrubba Air Sleeve (Tablet Ipad Cover Sleeve case): A self Inflating for Maximum Protection + Travel Pillow, Blue (AIR-BL-Tablet)

Another clever way to protect laptops is with the Scrubba Air Sleeve, which is basically a laptop airbag.

The Air Sleeve has a small valve that, when twisted, inflates the bag with a cushion of air. This adds an extra layer of protection for when your digital nomad’s backpack gets knocked around while traveling.

It also doubles as an inflatable travel pillow, perfect for airport naps.

#14.) The “Roost” Laptop Stand

Roost Laptop Stand – Adjustable and Portable Laptop Stand – PC and MacBook Stand, Patented

There’s nothing worse for a digital nomad’s posture than sitting hunched over a laptop all day.

Having bad posture all day can lead to painful injuries—and it’s no fun exploring the world in pain. To stay healthy, digital nomads need a proper travel office setup.

The Roost is a super compact laptop stand that will allow them to increase the height of their screen so they can get out of that dangerous hunched position.

#15.) Wireless Keyboard + Mouse

Portable Keyboard, iClever BK06 Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard, Multi-Device Wireless Folding Keyboard, Ultra Slim Ergonomic Design with Stand Holder for iPhone, iPad, Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop

If your digital nomad is using a laptop stand (and they should be), they will also need a wireless keyboard and mouse to complete their ergonomic workstation.

If your digital nomad has a mac, you can’t go wrong with the Apple Magic Keyboard and Magic Trackpad (this is what I use).

If they use Windows (or the Apple products are too expensive), there are also some cool folding keyboards (like this one) that are super compact and perfect for travel. As far as mice (mouses?) go, the Microsoft Arc is a popular option among digital nomads. 

Whichever you choose, make sure you double-check compatibility before buying anything. 

BONUS: The Full Focus Productivity Planner

Full Focus Gray Linen Planner by Michael Hyatt - The #1 Daily Planner to Increase Focus, Eliminate Overwhelm, and Achieve Your Biggest Goals - Hardcover

There’s a lot of moving parts to building (and maintaining) a successful digital nomad lifestyle.

You have to learn to be ultra productive with work time (otherwise there’ll be no time for travel!).

This Full Focus Productivity Planner designed by Michael Hyatt is a great gift for digital nomads, as it will help them set meaningful goals, stay on track, and continue growing a successful business on the road.

What if the digital nomad in your life has it all?

Digital nomads tend to be pretty prepared people.

If you think they already have everything on this list, don’t fret. There’s one gift that they FOR SURE won’t have.

That is an experience.

You could buy them tickets to a certain destination, sign them up for a cool tour, or even register them with an organized digital nomad retreat or travel program.

The options are endless!

Best Gifts for Digital Nomads Recap

Mixing work and travel is no easy feat. It’s basically like having two full-time jobs. In order to pull it off, it’s important to have a good system and quality equipment.

By choosing anything on this list, you’ll help the digital nomad in your life be more productive and have more success on the road.

Best of all, it’s sure to be something they keep with them wherever they go!

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