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Brand Deal Wizard Review: Worth The Cost? (2024)

Looking for an honest Brand Deal Wizard review written by a fellow content creator?

I got you.

Brand Deal Wizard claims to teach you how to find and land your dream sponsorships to create consistent monthly income. 

But is it really worth it?

I’ve been pumping out Youtube videos for the past 4 years with 70k+ subscribers, and I spent 40+ hours researching BDW, interacting with the community, and applying what I’ve learned. 

In this review, I share my unfiltered thoughts about the course, including the good AND the bad.

If you’re still on the fence after reading, I recommend taking Justin’s free Pitching Masterclass. You’ll learn exactly how to reach out to brands so they stop ignoring you.

👀 This is a Level 3 review. Read more about our in-depth course review process.

Brand Deal Wizard review: What you need to know

Brand Deal Wizard is a comprehensive training program that teaches content creators how to master the art of pitching, pricing, negotiation, and building long-term relationships with brands.

By the end of the course, you’ll have a proven system for earning consistent income from sponsorships each month. 

Over the past couple years, I’ve watched hundreds (if not thousands) of Youtube videos about growing and monetizing my audience. But apparently I still had a lot to learn because I constantly felt that “head explosion emoji” feeling while taking BDW.

Lots of lightbulb moments 🤯.

man in front of laptops showing deal wizard review screens

This isn’t just for Youtubers either — it applies to any platform where brands sponsor content (TikTok, Instagram, other social media, podcasts, newsletters, authors, community leaders, etc). 

That said, I do have some gripes with the course, and it’s definitely not right for everyone. 

Before making any impulse buys, there are some things you should know.

Let’s start with who actually created the course.

If, after reading the review, you decide the course is right for you, scroll to the bottom of this page to get a special sign-up bonus.

Justin Moore review: Who even is this guy?

image of justin moore course creator of brand deal wizard

Justin Moore is a sponsorship coach and founder of Creator Wizard, a training program and community that helps creators earn a living with brand sponsorships. 

Apart from Creator Wizard, he’s also been a full-time creator for 10 years and has personally raked in over $4 million working with brands. 

If that resume wasn’t impressive enough, he also ran an influencer marketing agency for 7 years, where he helped other creators earn over $3 million. 

This experience as both a creator and an agency owner let him experience both sides of the business, which is a huge unfair advantage. 

Since he played matchmaker with brands and influencers, he’s learned some insider secrets and knows why popular brands choose to work with one creator over another (and it doesn’t only come down to price!). 

Long story short, if you wanna land better brand deals, this is the guy to pay attention to, whether you join BDW or not. 

Disclaimer: Justin gave me free access to BDW to test and decide if it was worth promoting. That said, ALL opinions are my own. As you’ll see, the course isn’t perfect (and NOT for everybody). But what I learned saved me a $10,000 brand deal, and I truly believe it will be a gamechanger for many creators.

What’s included in the Brand Deal Wizard course?

The course material is broken down into five parts:

1. The Brand Deal Wizard course
2. The Community
3. Live Office Hours
4. Bonus Content
5. Bonus Resources

1. The BDW Course

The entire course and community is housed on the Circle platform. 

I love this. 

It’s super slick on both desktop and the mobile app — WAY better than many other training programs out there that have a clunky course combined with a Facebook community.

Here’s a small snapshot of what it looks like:

screenshot of wizard circle dashboard with text markups

The BDW lessons are divided into eight steps that correspond to the “Sponsorship Wheel” — basically it covers the sponsorship process, step-by-step, all organized into a pretty colorful wheel. 

screenshot of brand deal wizard sponsorship wheel

Each step includes various lessons and resources — here’s an example of what a lesson looks like:

screenshot of brand deal wizard course lesson

If you’re using the “On-Demand” version of the course (like I was), these are recorded videos. But if you join a cohort, then your lessons will be livestreams with Justin.

I’ll cover some important differences between the on-demand vs. live cohort options in a sec. 

2. The Community

The community is a place to connect with other creators and get advice on your deals. 

Justin even pops in time to time to give advice. In fact, I could have blown a $10,000 deal if it weren’t for wisdom I got from the community. 

screenshot of feedback from justin moore

As I scroll through all the questions in the community, it’s kinda crazy to think how many thousands of dollars have been saved (and earned) thanks to the answers people have gotten here. 

Basically, whenever you’re negotiating with a brand, just post it here to make sure you’re not making any costly mistakes. 

When there are thousands of dollars on the line, just one piece of negotiation advice you get from the community could be worth the cost of this entire course. 

Another awesome thing about the community (and the live cohort if you choose that option) is networking with other creators in your niche. 

For example, I’ve seen several travel creators in the group. These would be great people for me to network with to get sponsor ideas and to share rates with. 

Networking with others in your niche is one of the easiest ways to avoid accepting low-ball offers from brands. 

In fact, I just recently negotiated my affiliate commission rate with a brand to almost double my previous rates…all thanks to a fellow creator (not a part of BDW) who let me know how much they were earning. 

If it weren’t for her, I’d have continued earning half of what I could be earning for who-knows-how-long…all without knowing any better!

3. Live Office Hours

BDW comes with live office hour calls for three months (one per month). 

This is a HUGE opportunity to get live help with whatever issue you’re facing. 

Whether that be uncertainty about whether you’re charging enough, how to answer a brand’s email, feedback on your outreach strategy, or anything else on your mind. 

Even if you don’t have any questions, you can learn a ton by simply listening to other students get help with their problems. 

There is one downside to these calls though, and I’ll get to that in a second. 

Lastly, if you want more than three months of these calls, he gives you a one-time chance to do this during the checkout process

4. Bonus Content

In addition to the main BDW course, you get access to tons of other useful content.

Gifted to Paid course. This is an entire bonus course with 53 lessons that Justin used to sell separately for $500. It teaches you how to strategically respond to brands so that instead of just offering your free products, they actually pay you. 

Guest expert sessions. At the time of writing, there are 17 hour-long interviews with different types of experts related to being a creator. From Youtube strategy, to mindset, to budgeting, to digital products, to getting in the mind of an agency and sponsors. 

screenshot of brand deal wizard guest expert sessions

Creator strategy workshops. BDW covers all your bases when it comes to sponsorships. Then these workshops take it a step further and dive into other monetization methods you can add to your business, like building a community, email newsletter, podcasting, and digital products. 

These are super important strategies to know because if you’re only earning from sponsorships, you’re leaving loads of money on the table. 

5. Bonus Resources

The BDW course is packed with handy tools and resources to save you time and keep you organized. 

I won’t list them all out here because you can easily see them on this page.

But I wanted to call out a few that I found extra awesome. 

#1. Creator Wizard AI

This one’s kinda hidden within the platform for some reason. 

Basically, it’s an AI bot that has been trained on all of Justin’s content. So if you ever want to know what Justin would recommend, just ask the bot!

You can ask it for feedback on your pitches, negotiation tips, or anything else covered in the course. 

Here’s an example:

screenshot of brand deal wizard creator wizard ai
Numbers are blurred to avoid leaking his top-secret formulas.

Now, I probably wouldn’t base a big 5-figure deal on what a bot tells me, especially with how easy it is to get expert human feedback in the course. 

But it does come in handy if you can’t quite remember what Justin said in one of his videos and you don’t wanna waste time re-watching them to find the piece of info you want. 

#2 Sponsorship Tracker

The Sponsorship Tracker is a genius Notion template that helps you organize all your brand contacts, due dates, pitches, deal amounts, and everything else related to your sponsorships. 

It’s basically a dashboard where you can see all the different brand deals you’re working on and where they are in the pipeline. 

I wish I could post a screenshot to show you, but I don’t want people to steal this masterpiece that Justin’s team spend so much time creating. 

Basically, it allows you to have all brand and sponsorship info at your fingertips (instead of hunting through email threads). It’s even programmed to tell you the next steps for each deal, including follow-up reminders to keep the pipeline flowing.

#3 Pricing Calculator

This is another useful tool to calculate how much you should be charging based on your audience, your platform, the length of the contract, and the terms of the contract.

screenshot of brand deal wizard pricing calculator

He teaches how to calculate all this manually within the course, but with so many variables, it can get confusing. 

This calculator makes it super simple. 

It also made me realize I got low-balled by thousands of dollars on a contract I signed right before starting BDW…🙄

#4 Negotiation SWIPE File

When negotiating with brands via email, it’s hard to remember everything you’re supposed to say (and the right time to say it).

The Negotiation Swipe File makes this process foolproof. 

It’s basically just a bunch of copy-and-paste response templates you can use for different scenarios. 

For example, how you should respond when a brand first reaches out to you, including all the details you need to ask for. 

Or how to respond if a brand says they don’t have a big enough budget for your rates (and several other scenarios). 

I added these responses in my Gmail as templates (after tweaking them slightly), and it saves me tons of time. 

#5 Templates for Proposals, Contracts, and Post-Campaign Reports 

You also get several other templates that’ll save you time and make you look like the most professional, legit creator that a brand has ever worked with. 

Up until now, I’ve just been sending proposals in Google Docs, waiting for brands to send contracts to me, and only sending post-campaign screenshots if asked. 

This is what 99% of creators do. 

So if you can do these things proactively using BDW templates, you’ll knock their socks off and make them want to work with you again in the future. 

BDW cons ❌

❌ Live call schedule. I am currently traveling through Southeast Asia, so all of the live calls were at 1am in my time zone. This won’t be a problem if you live in the US or Europe, but it’s a struggle for Asia or Australia. They also aren’t recorded, which is a bummer. 

❌ Slightly confusing timeline. While taking the On-Demand version, I received periodic reminder emails giving an overview of different “steps” in the course. This is meant to keep students on track, and I imagine it correlates to the pace of the live cohort version. But I couldn’t figure out how these steps correlated to the lessons in Circle. So I just ignored these emails and took the course at my own pace.

❌ Managing sponsorships is time-consuming. I honestly can’t think of any other cons of the course itself (it’s really quite impressive), but there is one other thing you should know about working with brands in general. 

You can definitely grow this into a full-time income (and much more), but — speaking from experience — it’s a lot of work. If you’re a full-time creator, communicating with brands eats up a lot of neurons each week, which leaves less time for actually creating. 

The alternative is to hire an agent to negotiate with brands on your behalf. But I’ve had multiple creator friends who’ve tried this (with “mid-sized” channels, 50,000 to 200,000 subs), and all of them are disappointed with the results. 

Here’s a great article on why hiring a sponsorship manager is a horrible idea

With that in mind, if you want to maximize your sponsorship earnings, you need to know how to do it yourself (at least until you’re a ginormous superstar).

BDW pros ✅

Resources are actually useful. Many courses just throw in a bunch of BS “bonuses” that don’t actually add any value. But Justin’s Notion templates, AI Wizard, and negotiation swipe file are things I see myself using every day. Especially the Notion templates — they make me feel like a legit business instead of an unorganized mess.

Real-life examples. It’s not just theory. Justin actually shows you real-life negotiations, including back-and-forth emails from actual deals he’s done. For me, being able to see the strategy in action made everything click.

Huge ROI potential. What you learn in this course could potentially translate to thousands of extra dollars in every single sponsorship you negotiate. If you are already doing brand deals, this instantly helps boost your income (it did for me). If you haven’t done a brand deal yet, this shows you how to get your first one and helps you avoid ever working for less than you’re worth. 

Circle is awesome. Circle is weirdly satisfying to use. The course and community are neatly woven together into a nifty little ecosystem. No ugly, clunky online course platforms. No need to wade through toxic Facebook to access the community (which is the case for many other courses). 

Bite-sized. Many of the videos are short and sweet. So it’s super easy to pop open the Circle app on your phone and knock a few out whenever you have pockets of time in your day. 

It’s actually entertaining. I’ve taken MANY online courses over the past few years, and Justin might be one of the most energetic and fun teachers I’ve seen. Not only is he a Creator Wizard, but also a funny Meme Wizard.

Lifetime community access. Being part of a community of experienced creators is a gamechanger. You don’t have to figure out all this stuff alone and guess about how to respond to brands or what to charge. You can learn from other people’s experiences, avoid costly mistakes, and have support when things go wrong. 

Generous refund policy. If you’re a first-time student and don’t like the course for any reason, you can get a full refund within 30 days, no questions asked. 

My thoughts on Creator Wizard

I was literally just guessing about everything before I took this course. 

  • I had no idea what my content was worth. 
  • I was scared of pricing too high and getting rejected. 
  • I was also scared of pricing too low and leaving money on the table. 
  • I didn’t know anything about paid media rights or the right way to charge for them. 

Whenever brands sent me offers, I’d literally just make prices and terms up out of thin air, pretend I knew what I was doing, hit send, and cross my fingers. 

This usually ended with me getting lowballed or ghosted. 

And when I did land deals, I now realize that I was leaving thousands of dollars on the table. 

But after taking Brand Deal Wizard, I now feel CONFIDENCE. 

I feel like a legit business instead of someone who is just winging it. 

For example, a few months ago, a brand rejected my offer. But after taking BDW and gathering some extra intel, I reached out to a different contact with a different strategy and got VERY different results. 

screenshot of author's email negotiation with a brand

There are still plenty of times when brands send me an email and I’m not sure how to respond. But when this happens, I just ask the community and AI Wizard. 

This might sound kinda weird, but when I use Justin’s strategies for dealing with brands, I feel a strange sense of peace. Because I know that no matter what happens, I played my cards right. In the past, I felt this underlying anxiety that I may have done or said something wrong. 

BDW doesn’t just teach you hacks for landing deals though —- his advice turns you into a brand negotiator on steriods. 

You won’t just get more sponsorships — you’ll be the person every brand wants to work with because you know your crap. You’ll learn how to take control, run a deal, and proactively solve problems to make their lives easier.

Most other creators have NO IDEA how to do this, so you will instantly stand out, leading to repeat work. 

The bigger (and more engaged) the audience you have, the more drastically the BDW strategies will affect your earnings.

But you don’t necessarily need a giant following. Even small creators with loyal followers are valuable to brands, and you’d be surprised how much they’re willing to pay for a good product-audience fit. 

Is there a Brand Deal Wizard discount code?

I searched high and low and could not find a Brand Deal Wizard discount code. 

That said, if you take Justin’s free course, you’ll automatically get added to his email newsletter where he might announce future sales. 

Also, keep in mind that the course includes lifetime updates. And since he is constantly adding new things to the course, the price is likely to increase in the future as more content and tools are added.

Important note: “On-Demand” vs. Live Cohort

I touched on this throughout the review, and the difference is important.

The Live Cohort is exactly as it sounds — you and your fellow students all start the course at the same time and go through four weeks of live lessons together with Justin in real-time. 

The “On-Demand” course starts whenever you want and uses some recorded lessons. This is the option I chose. 

Both include the community, live office hour calls, and other bonuses. 

Here are some pros and cons to consider when choosing. 

Choose Live Cohort if…

  • You’re not in a rush and don’t mind waiting for the next cohort.
  • You want more personal connection with Justin and your fellow cohort students. 
  • You want more structure and accountability. 
  • You can actually fit it into your schedule. 

Choose On-Demand if…

  • You’re disciplined to stay on track yourself and don’t need group accountability. 
  • You want to start NOW and get access to the entire course at once. 
  • You want the most budget-friendly option. 
  • You don’t mind watching recordings.

I chose the on-demand option because I wanted instant access to everything.

I was already in the middle of a brand negotiation, so I wanted to jump straight to that part of the course to finish the negotiation strong. 

That said, with the on-demand option, you will be posting and doing stuff in the community, but other students might not be at the same steps as you. 

This makes it a bit less engaging than the live version where everyone is doing the exercises and posting their results together. 

Where can I sign up?

I hope you found my write-up insightful. It took a good chunk of time to put together, so if you found it helpful, decide it’s for you, and want to say, “Thanks, Mitch!”— I’d be thrilled if you purchased using my affiliate link button below (at no extra charge to you). I’ll even send you an extra bonus — see details below.

Either way, I highly recommend Brand Deal Wizard (unless you’re competing with me for brand deals — in that case, stay away!)

If you purchase using that button, I’ll throw in my bonus Work from Anywhere Toolkit ($25 value). This mega-resource is packed with 200+ free (or very cheap) tools to help automate your business — and even do it while traveling the world!

Just forward me a copy of your receipt and I’ll give you access to the toolkit.

work from anywhere toolkit book mockup

Brand Deal Wizard alternatives

Brand Deal Wizard blows all other brand deal courses I’ve found out of the water. 

If you’re not ready to commit to the full program, I recommend first taking Justin’s free Pitching class.

There are also a few other super basic courses like:

It’s really not fair to compare these courses to BDW — it’s kinda like comparing a real Corvette to a toy Hotwheels car. But you can check them out if you’d like!

If you’re serious about creating consistent monthly income with brand deals, Brand Deal Wizard will not disappoint you. 

P.S. If you don’t yet have an audience, check out my Mastering Youtube review that gives an inside look at a course that teaches you how to start and grow a Youtube channel.

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