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Coliving Semkovo: A Peek at a Special Community-Owned Coliving Project

Coliving is exploding in popularity for people looking for a sense of community and a way to live and work more affordably and sustainably. 

The concept of coliving is based on the idea of shared living spaces where you can live together in a communal setting. 

It comes with loads of benefits like social connections, collaborations with cool people, cost savings, and environmental sustainability.

Coliving Semkovo even offers one extra special benefit you can’t find anywhere else — more on that shortly.

two chairs with mountain view in front
View from Coliving Semkovo

Living in a shared space allows you to connect with others and form meaningful relationships. This is especially useful for solo travelers and digital nomads prone to loneliness.

It also can be a cheaper way to live compared to traditional housing. By sharing the costs of rent, utilities, and other expenses, you can save money and live comfortably on a tight budget.

You can also enjoy a range of amenities and services often not available in traditional housing. 

For example, shared spaces like communal kitchens, living areas, and coworking spaces provide opportunities for collaboration and productivity. 

You never know who you’re going to meet in your coliving space or how they’ll impact your life.

Some coliving spaces also offer wellness programs, social events, and other activities that make life more fun and healthy.

Best of all, it’s an attractive option for people of all ages and backgrounds. That means a lot of potential users. As more people seek out new ways of living and working, coliving is set to explode.

This is especially true with digital nomads.

Many digital nomads are looking for a base to store their stuff and set up an affordable tax home. Bulgaria has only a 10% personal income tax and surprisingly affordable real estate, making it a smart and convenient base.

What is Coliving Semkovo?

picture of a building with the mountain in the background
Coliving Semkovo grounds during wintertime

This is why the idea of Coliving Semkovo was born. 

Not only to build something amazing for visiting nomads, but also to offer them a home. 

Coliving Semkovo is special in that it aims to build community through a unique community-owned model that sets it apart from other coliving options.

Essentially, you can buy an apartment within the coliving and become part of the co-op that is going to grow the business together. You become a part-owner, and everyone benefits.

The future coliving space is located in Semkovo — a forgotten resort in the middle of the Rila mountains in Bulgaria. 

It’s located 2.5 hours from Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria and closest airport, and 50 minutes from Bansko – a popular digital nomad hub. The Greek beaches of Kavala are also only a 3-hour drive away. 

Coliving Semkovo aims to have about 8000 m² of common areas to be used as large communal areas to enjoy life together, including:

✅ Open workspaces
✅ Event spaces
✅ Communal kitchens
✅ A movie theater
✅ A gym
✅ Sport rooms
✅ And more. 

There’ll also be restaurants and bars, self-check-out stores, and staff rooms. 

The project offers a range of outdoor activities and recreational opportunities like hiking, skiing, and snowboarding in the nearby mountains. 

With its unique combination of natural beauty, modern amenities, and community spirit, Coliving Semkovo is a truly exceptional living experience ideal for anyone seeking a healthy and inspiring lifestyle.

buildings with mountains in the background
The setting for our planned nomad utopia.

Unlike other coliving options that are owned and operated by a single entity, Coliving Semkovo aims to be owned and managed by a community of buyers who come together to invest in the project.

The community-owned model offers a range of benefits for residents, including shared decision-making and a sense of ownership over their living space. 

By pooling resources and sharing the project costs, community members enjoy a more affordable lifestyle that is both sustainable and socially responsible.

At present, the project is still in the planning stages and will only move forward once there are enough community buyers to make it feasible. 

That said, the potential for Coliving Semkovo is clear, and it has already generated significant interest from people who are looking for a new way of living and working. 

Considering the wide range of media coverage for the project, it feels like this is the next big thing in the world of remote work.

Who is Coliving Semkovo for? 

image of the people that support the project
Our good-looking group of first supporters

Coliving Semkovo’s unique model and location make it an ideal choice for digital nomads, remote workers, startup incubators, remote companies, workations, events, and tech incubators.

For digital nomads and remote workers, Coliving Semkovo offers a flexible and affordable living solution that provides a supportive community of like-minded individuals. 

Remote companies can also take advantage of Coliving Semkovo’s amenities and community. 

By owning apartments in the coliving space, remote companies can provide their teams with a space to live and work together, fostering a sense of collaboration and productivity. 

The project’s communal spaces, such as the coworking area, also provide opportunities for remote teams to connect and share ideas.

Startup and tech incubators can also benefit from Coliving Semkovo’s unique community-owned model. By providing a collaborative living environment, the project offers a space for entrepreneurs to connect and share ideas with others in their field. 

This can be especially valuable for startup founders looking for mentorship, funding opportunities, and networking opportunities.

Once the project develops, workations and events are also welcome at Coliving Semkovo. 

The project’s location and amenities make it an ideal space for retreats, workshops, and other events that require a peaceful and inspiring environment.

Overall, Coliving Semkovo is designed to cater to a diverse range of individuals and groups looking for a supportive community, flexible living options, and opportunities for collaboration and growth. 

Its unique community-owned model, location, and amenities make it an attractive option for anyone looking to live and work in a creative and collaborative environment.

What is the business model?

people explaining about the project

The project is structured as a cooperative business, which means that it is owned and governed by its members. 

This model allows you to become a part-owner of the project and have a say in its operations and management.

The cooperative model also ensures that the project is designed to serve the needs of its residents, rather than being driven by profit. 

As a community-owned project, Coliving Semkovo is focused on providing affordable and flexible housing options that promote collaboration, sustainability, and a sense of community.

To become a member of the Coliving Semkovo co-op, you can buy apartments, which give you shares in the co-op. These shares give you a voice in the project’s governance and decision-making processes. You also benefit from the project’s profits, which are distributed as dividends or reinvested in growth and development.

The cooperative model of Coliving Semkovo is a powerful example of how businesses can be structured to serve the needs of their stakeholders, rather than just their shareholders. 

By prioritizing the interests of its members, Coliving Semkovo can provide a unique and innovative living experience focused on the experiences most important to its residents.

Apartment prices start from €15,000 for a small studio, plus about €10,000 for renovation and furniture to make it feel like your home. 

This includes a share in the co-op business which operates roughly 8000 m² of common areas together.

How can I become part of the project? 

person holding a frame

The first step is to become a priority backer – we collect a non-refundable fee of 600€. This is to see how committed people are, but also to pay for the initial steps of the project.

We collaborate closely with engineers, architects, lawyers, and other experts to thoroughly confirm all details and budgets. 

We are also using a crowdfunding approach to promote the project to potential buyers and generate enough interest to bring the project to life.

When the project reaches its goal of at least 150 priority backers and we are confident that we have enough buyers for the units, we’ll begin the process of signing sales contracts and putting payments into escrow. 

As of March 2023, we have 70+ priority backers for Coliving Semkovo, so we are about halfway there. You can see some of them on their social media channel


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Coliving Semkovo offers a unique and exciting approach to coliving. The community-owned model is unlike anything we’ve seen before. 

Members have the special opportunity to establish the perfect home base while also benefiting from the success and profits of the project.

While we’re still in the planning stages, our current community believes it has the potential to transform the way the world thinks about living and working — offering a more affordable and fulfilling way of life for people all over the world. 

If you’re interested in exploring coliving as part of your lifestyle, Coliving Semkovo is definitely one to keep an eye on, whether it be as an owner or a future guest.

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