9 EASY Ways to Get Paid to Talk to Lonely People (2021)

graphic showing person getting paid to talk to lonely people

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Oh, what a strange world we live in.

Nowadays you can make money online doing just about anything.

From online form-filling jobs to selling feet pics to, you guessed it, talking to lonely people.

The trick is knowing where to look for these opportunities, and how to do so safely.

In this guide, we’ll look at how to get paid to talk to lonely people, plus all of the best sites for men and women to find safe opportunities. 

Let’s dive in.

How to Get Paid to Talk to Lonely People

It’s no secret that we live in a society where everyone is constantly connected to their smartphone. But despite the constant connection, some people are lonelier than ever. 

That’s where you come in — the virtual friend.

People search far and wide to find conversation and good company. And if you want to get paid to be an online friend, all you need to do is sign up to one of the following sites and start talking.

It may seem like a strange way to earn money, but it’s not weird as it seems. And in many cases, it is completely platonic. 

Sure, you can get into the flirtier side of things if you want to (more on that later), but you don’t have to.

Oftentimes it’s innocent friendship. Just two people, online, having a conversation.

The best part is you don’t need to be a social butterfly. You just have to know how to talk about interesting topics and hold a conversation. You could talk about anything from someone’s workday, the latest episode of Game of Thrones, or even engage in some online gaming.

In the end, it’s a super easy way to boost your income. (For more cool side hustle ideas, check out this guide to easy freelance jobs for beginners).

Where can you talk to lonely people?

Turns out, there are several different platforms specifically designed for matching lonely people with virtual friends.

Here are a few of the most popular options:

Important: Before giving away personal information to any of these sites, make sure to search for recent reviews of the company.

Rent a Friend

screenshot of rent a local friend website

Rent a Friend is a website that provides in-person, online, and phone friends to lonely people. 

It’s one of the more well-known sites for virtual friendship and has been in business for over ten years. The site originally launched in the US, but it’s now available in the UK as well.

Once you’ve set up an account, you must complete a short questionnaire to assess your personality. After that, Rent a Friend matches you with people you’re likely to be compatible with based on your responses.

Once paired, you can communicate with your friend/client through email or instant messaging. You can also participate in online gaming, attend online events together, or even meet up face-to-face if you both want to.

Rent a Friend earns money by charging clients (i.e., the lonely people) a small membership fee. That means you get to keep all the earnings you make through the site. 


screenshot of fiverr online friend jobs

Fiverr is a user-friendly freelance marketplace where creatives can earn money doing pretty much anything imaginable, including getting paid to talk to lonely people. 

Since the site is well-known with built-in trust mechanisms, it’s a safe place to find your first clients.

Just search for “friendship”, and you can see what types of services other people are offering. 

While there are several gigs for chatting with lonely individuals, most of them don’t have many reviews. This indicates that the lonely people you’re looking for don’t hang out on Fiverr much.

That said, it only takes a few minutes to create a profile, whip together a service package, and set your rates, so it doesn’t hurt to try. The more fishing lines you have in the pond, the more bites you’ll get. 

To increase your odds of success, you could create multiple service packages targeted to different audiences. For example, if you’re a native English speaker, it’s pretty easy to get paid to chat in English online. Many language learners just need someone to practice with.

Fiverr is known as the cheap place to go to find freelancers (that’s right, you can consider yourself a “freelance friend”), so don’t expect to start raking in six figures in cash. Most comparable gigs charge $5 to $25, depending on the task — whether that be a 15-minute phone call, relationship advice, or just a friendly ear to let someone vent.

Just be warned, Fiverr is a busy site. To stand out from the pack, your first priority should be building five-star reviews. 


screenshot of premium chat website

Premium.Chat is an online service that lets its subscribers speak to experts in their field. It’s used by social media influencers, coaches, counselors, models, professional trainers, and people from all sorts of different industries. 

As an expert or influencer, you charge for chat sessions. 

It’s a bit different from other sites on this list because, in addition to chatting with lonely people, you’ll also chat with people who want to pay for your advice — kind of like an informal consultation. 

In fact, if you wanted to, you could focus on the consulting side of things. Instead of chit-chat, you could provide more specific services such as life coaching or business consulting.

You can choose your own hours, charging either per session or per minute. If you own a business, have a following, or have experience in a certain field, this could be your opportunity to leverage your expertise. 

It also can be a great way to simply chat with lonely people. You get to choose.

How to Get Paid to Talk to Lonely Men

Turns out, promiscuous phone lines aren’t the only way to get paid to talk with lonely men. In fact, there are loads of different ways. And surprisingly, a lot of guys are just after a good chat or some advice.

Now, of course there are also sites where you essentially flirt for money (some more innocent than others). If you choose to take this more promiscuous route, be sure to know your own comfort levels before signing up.

Here are some of the best sites to get paid to talk to lonely men:


screenshot of flirtbucks website

WARNING: While Flirtbucks has several positive user reviews, use it at your own risk, as they also have some concerning Better Business Bureau reviews.

Flirtbucks is one type of chat operator job where you get paid to talk to lonely men. As a chat operator, you work from your computer and have live conversations with your clients. You are required to use a webcam, but the site’s rules only allow you to see each other’s faces (in theory). So it’s not as explicit as some.

It’s pretty straightforward. You log in and chat with lonely men about their day, their problems, and their challenges. Some might just be pent up with stress from work and need a feminine force to help unpackage everything. Others might want advice or just someone friendly to chat about interests and hobbies. 

Pay ranges from $0.40 to $0.50 per minute you chat. The specific rate depends on how long you’ve been with the company and your experience as a chat operative. But ultimately, you could make up to $30 per hour chatting to lonely men. I can certainly think of harder ways to earn 30 bucks!

Of course, you have to be comfortable with the webcam element. If you’d rather not show your face, this one isn’t for you.

Lip Service

screenshot of lip service website

Lip Service is another virtual chat job where you can get paid to chat online. You can work in several different roles including customer service, chat operators, or even as a telephone actor or actress.

The customer service element literally is customer service. You need a headset and a computer and will be helping small and medium-sized businesses answer calls from their customers. The two remaining roles are more akin to Flirtbucks and pay you to talk with lonely men.

Actually, you may end up talking to both men and women on the phone. And while you don’t need to use a webcam, don’t be surprised if the conversation turns flirty. 

Lip Service is looking for reliable operators who can work 25 hours per week or more, so this one is less flexible than other platforms. They don’t state their rates, but rumor has it you can earn up to $18 per hour. 


screenshot of phrendly website

Phrendly is another site and mobile app that specializes in matching people who need a friend with someone they can chat to. 

You can find men and women who want to talk and you can make money texting, calling, or video calling in your spare time.  

The site has an endless list of chatting options, ranging from innocent small-talk chats to more explicit chats. As long as you’re comfortable with what you’re being asked to talk about, then this is a great way to get paid to talk online.

One potential downside is that the payment method is slightly bizarre. To chat with you, people have to send you a virtual “drink”, which is worth about $0.35. You can withdraw your funds once you reach $10. For phone and video calls, you get to decide how long you talk to someone based on the price of the “drink” they buy you. 

For example, if someone buys you a $10 drink and you chat for 5 minutes, your “Minutes to Drink” rate is $2/minute. The lower your rate, the more drinks you’ll likely get (unless you are super charming). If someone likes you and wants to keep talking, they can buy you another drink.

It’s basically the virtual version of going to the bar.

You can earn more money by accepting drinks (and taking calls), but you don’t have to if you don’t want to.

Chat Operator Jobs

screenshot of chat operators website

ChatJobOperators is a great site if you’re looking to build a side business texting men anonymously without having to talk face-to-face. You can get paid to chat about anything from sports, hobbies, or even personal problems. But oftentimes, messages are explicit. 

In fact, their #1 requirement is to be comfortable “partaking in strong adult-oriented messages”.

If shooting off potentially explicit text messages doesn’t bother you, you can earn $0.20 per message doing so. It’s one of the easiest ways to earn an extra $50 per day or more in your spare time. 

No video chats. No phone calls. All you have to do is log into the platform, and start responding.

ChatOperatorJobs is for both men and women. To stay active, you need to send 75 messages per week. But other than that, you can work as much or as little as you want with no deadlines or schedules. This makes it an easy travel job or work-from-home side hustle. 

The only requirements are you need to be at least 23 years old, have a PayPal account, and be able to text with good grammar (no txt speak plz). All payments are made via PayPal.

How to Get Paid to Talk to Lonely Women

Men aren’t the only people who can get lonely. 

Some women need companionship, while others are looking to flirt.

And you don’t have to be a man to get paid to talk to lonely women. Many women use sites like these to speak with other like-minded women.

Here are a few sites where you can find women in need of a friend:

Friend PC

screenshot of friendpc website

FriendPC allows you to make money online chatting with like-minded individuals. There are several different ways to earn, and you can boost your income by talking to both lonely men and women.

The most common is virtual chatting, but in-person meetings, virtual gaming sessions, and tour services are also possible. You can also offer mentorship, life coaching, or even explicit conversations if that’s your cup of tea. 

This site puts you completely in control. 

You set your own hours and rates, set the times for calls, and keep your own schedule. 

FriendPC is designed to help you run a profitable friendship business. It simplifies the process of accepting payments while you manage your clients.

They also have a referral program that pays you even more money if you recruit others to join. Best of all, payments have a quick turnaround time — you collect your fees the same day as your virtual chat. 

Rent a Cyber Friend

screenshot of rent a cyber friend website

Rent A Cyber Friend is another site where you can get paid to talk to lonely women. The platform matches you with other people who share your interests. And you can post gigs anywhere in the world for people to bid on.

Basic members can bid on and advertise gigs for free, with some limitations. 

There are also three tiers of paid membership — Bronze, Silver, and Gold. The plan you choose depends on the number of interactions you have, and prices start at $29.99 per month.

One of the things that make this app different from others is it allows freelancers and entrepreneurs to create their own virtual products designed to interact with online friends.

It’s a great platform to find clients who need someone to talk to — both men and women. 

How Much Money Can You Make Talking with Lonely People?

graphic of stick guy talking on phone ot get paid ot chat with lonely people

Your earnings depend on the services you offer. Some platforms pay a flat rate for every session, some pay an hourly wage, and others pay per message sent.

According to Rent a Friend, you could make around $20 per hour for a basic friendship conversation. Those with specialized skills or interests, or for slightly more flirty conversation, you can bring in up to $50 per hour. 

So, if you’re super charming and offer extra services, you could potentially make up to $2,000 per week — not bad for simply talking to lonely people online.

And it’s not just about money. You’re actually helping these people!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Get Paid to Listen to People’s Problems?

Yes, you can get paid to listen to people’s problems. There are plenty of websites online, like Fiverr and Rent a Friend, where you can get paid to give advice, help people through their issues, and give them a chance to vent.

Is FlirtBucks Legit?

Yes, you can legitimately earn money talking to lonely people on FlirtBucks. Many people use the site to make a steady income. The more time you put in, the more you can earn. There are no upfront investments, and you get paid through Paypal. 

How Can I Get Paid to Talk to Lonely Guys?

Many online platforms allow you to get paid to talk with lonely guys. These include Flirtbucks, Phrendly, Lip Service, and many others. Some sites focus on purely platonic friendships, some are strictly flirting, and others are basically a free-for-all — whatever you are comfortable with. 

Can You Get Paid for Just Talking to Someone?

Yes, there are plenty of ways to get paid to be a virtual friend and talk to people. Websites like Friend PC and Rent a Friend encourage people to talk to those in need of companionship and pay you without having to do anything other than talk.

Can You Get Paid to Be Someone’s Friend?

Yes, many of these sites actually prohibit flirting or sexual relationships. They focus more on helping lonely people find companionship. By using sites like Rent a Friend, you can get paid for purely platonic friendships, which some people desperately need.

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