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21 Freakin’ FUN Road Trip Games for Couples

You’ve packed your bags, topped up your tank, and hit the open road with your partner.

Then it hits you…

What the heck are you supposed to talk about for the next 5 hours?

Sure, you could jam out to your favorite road trip playlist. But why not fill that time with some fun car ride games for couples? (And hopefully get to know your partner better!)

Maybe you’re setting off on a romantic weekend getaway. Or maybe you’re on a long-term van life adventure, realizing the reality of van life involves much more driving than you anticipated.

Either way, these wickedly fun road trip games for couples will keep you entertained for hours on end. 

Fun car games for couples to get to know one another better

1. Two Truths and a Lie

This is an oldie but a goodie, and one of the most popular games to play in the car for couples.  

You and your partner take turns coming up with two truths (two things that are true about you) and a lie (something untrue about you). 

These can be…

  • Things that you’ve done.
  • Things that have happened to you.
  • Facts about your past or yourself in general. 

Try to keep them succinct — one sentence tops, like, “I once caught a fly ball at a stadium baseball game.”

Then, your partner guesses which one is the lie, and you can reveal the answer after they’ve chosen. This is a surefire way to learn new things about each other.

To up the ante, you can keep score — loser buys ice cream.

2. True Confessions

This one came from Jimmy Fallon’s True Confessions segment, and it makes for a great road trip game.

It’s similar to two truths and a lie, but with a twist. 

On your turn, think of either a truth or a lie about something you’ve experienced. For example, “I once met Ryan Gosling.” 

Then, your partner has 60 seconds to ask questions about it to guess if it’s true. 

If it’s a lie, you have to keep creatively making up the story as if it were true. When the 60 seconds are up, your partner guesses if you are telling the truth or a lie, then you reveal whether they’re right or not.

While this car game can be a riot, it also reveals to your partner how good of a liar you are — be careful!

3. Would You Rather

Another oldie, but still tons of fun.

For this game, you and your partner take turns giving each other two scenarios to choose from, phrased as “Would you rather…?” 

So, for example, you can ask your partner “Would you rather skydive or swim with sharks?” 

These are usually most fun with two sucky options, two epic options, or two batcrap crazy options. 

It’s also another clever way to get to know each other better, especially if you explain your choices.

4. 21 Questions

This is a bit different than the famous 20 Questions game. It’s one of the best road trip games for two people to get to know each other better.

Unlike 20 Questions — where you take turns choosing an object or celebrity for your partner to guess — 21 Questions is about you and your partner

You get 21 questions to ask your partner about anything, and they must answer honestly. You can ask all 21 questions at once, or you both can alternate.

If it’s a new relationship, you might want to set some rules about topics you want to avoid. The last thing you want is to ruin the fun by asking uncomfortable questions.

Road trip questions for couples

Sometimes, just a good old game of Question and Answer can be one of the most fun things for couples to do on a road trip.

5. Question and Answer

Here are some ideas to start you off:

  • What was your favorite childhood vacation?  
  • If you had superpowers, what would they be?
  • What was it about me that first caught your eye?
  • What was your favorite subject when you were a kid?
  • Who was/is your favorite family member to travel with?
  • What were your favorite childhood movies, songs, or tv shows?
  • If you could time travel to any time in the past, when would it be?
  • What was the best gift you’d ever received for a birthday or holiday?
  • If you could have a conversation with anyone in history, who would it be?

Keep the questions general, or make them a bit more personal. It’s up to you! Just remember to keep it fun. 

Music-related car ride games for couples

6. Guess the Song

This is one of the best road trip games if you and your partner love music. 

Set your music to shuffle, and try to guess what song plays before your partner. To make it more challenging, you can make the rule that you need to name the song and the artist to win a point.

If you have internet, you can also search for “guess that song mix” on Youtube for a bunch of compilations to choose from. 

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7. Musical Alphabet

To play Musical Alphabet, you and your partner take turns thinking of songs and singing lyrics from them.

The catch is you start at the beginning of the alphabet, and go in alphabetical order, choosing a song that starts with that letter. 

So, if you have “A”, you might choose “A Part of Your World,” and then your partner has “B”, and chooses, “Baby One More Time,” and so on. 

Remember — you have to be able to sing at least one lyric from the song. So if you choose a song title that fits, but you can’t remember any lyrics from it, it doesn’t count!

8. Theme Song Game

Theme songs are pretty ingrained into our memories, especially when they’re from childhood shows. To play this game, take turns coming up with a theme song for your partner to sing (or at least attempt to sing). 

If your partner can sing the whole theme song from memory, they get the point. 

Try to pick songs from shows you know your partner has seen to keep this game fun, or even suggest a commercial jingle.

You can also use theme songs to play the “Guess the Song” game to make it more nostalgic. Type in “theme song compilation” or something similar into YouTube, and you’ll find a bunch of options.

Here’s an example:

9. Speak in Song

This music game is a bit more challenging because singing isn’t allowed. 

Taking turns, both you and your partner have to speak in song, carrying on a conversation only using song titles or song lyrics. The challenging part of this is to try to make the conversation make sense. 

For example, you could say “I Feel Good,” and your partner can say “Because of You.” 

Whoever can’t come up with a lyric, or sings it, loses.

Another version is to speak the lyrics of a song in a normal voice, and have your partner try to guess it. You’d be surprised how tricky this can be sometimes.

Creative road trip games for couples

10. Did You Hear That…?

To play this game, you and your partner take turns telling each other a fact that may or may not be true. Then, your partner tries to guess if the fact is true or false. 

For example, “Did you know that North Dakota and South Dakota used to be one Dakota?” (That is actually true!) 

This game works with any topic, such as pop-culture trivia, history facts, anything. And if you and your partner want to make it more personal, you can use facts about yourselves. Such as, “Did you know that I have ten cousins?” 

This is one of the best travel games for couples because it helps you get to know each other (or test your knowledge of one another).

couple holding hands

11. Sorry I Was Late

Sorry I Was Late is played by beginning with saying “Sorry I was late…” and proceeding to give the plot or a storyline from a movie. Then, your partner has to guess what movie you are describing. 

For example, “Sorry I was late… I was working late at the museum of natural history, and the dinosaur exhibit tried to escape the building.” (Night at the Museum.)

You can be as direct or as indirect as you want to be. Set a time limit to make it more difficult.

12. Truth or Dare

Who says this is just for kids on a sleepover?

This can be one of the most fun car games. On your turn, ask your partner “truth or dare?”, and if they choose truth, you get to ask them a question they must reply truthfully to. If they choose dare, then they must do whatever you dare them to do. 

Since you’re playing in a car, this game requires a bit more creativity for the dares. Think of things such as opening the window and daring your partner to sing loudly along with the radio at a stoplight.

13. Fortunately/Unfortunately

This is one of the most fun road trip games for couples. It can get incredibly creative.

To play Fortunately/Unfortunately, the first person starts by saying something beginning with the word “Fortunately”. So, something like, “Fortunately, I made it to work on time.” 

Then, it’s your partner’s turn. They must start their sentence off with “Unfortunately”, and alter your statement with something unfortunate happening. Such as “Unfortunately, I got fired.” 

Then the next statement is another fortunately, and then unfortunately. As you go along, you’ll both be telling quite the rollercoaster of a story.

14. Mystery Gift

This car game is for longer road trips. It’s also less of a game, and more of a surprise for the end of your long driving days.

Every time you make a pitstop at gas stations, tourist attractions, or shops, give each other a few minutes of private time. During your private time, search for surprise road trip gifts for your partner. The more memorable, the better. 

At the end of your day, play 21 Questions to guess each other’s gift. Once you figure it out, you get to have it. 

To avoid any disappointment, you might want to set a price limit so the gifts are more-or-less equal. Here are some creative souvenir ideas to get your juices flowing

15. Alphabet Game

This game is similar to Musical Alphabet, except there’s no singing or songs involved. 

Instead, you and your partner first agree on a category. It could be famous people (you can even niche down to specific famous people, such as singers, actors, historic people, etc.), places, movies, tv shows, whatever you want. 

Then, starting with the first letter of the alphabet, you’ll say something in that category that starts with the letter “A”. Then your partner says something that starts with “B” and so on.

16. Alphabet Game (challenging version)

There is a similar game that is a little spin off of the Alphabet Game.

The rules are the same except you don’t go in alphabetical order. Instead, after “A”, the next letter you start with is the last letter of the answer that was just given. For example, if the category is “animals” and you say “alligator,” the next letter your partner must start with is “R”. 

It’s a more challenging game, and makes it easier for one of you to slip up. To crank up the pressure, you can count down from 10 as your partner scrambles to think of an answer. 

17. Trivia Games

You and your partner simply take turns thinking of something (perhaps you can choose a category first, such as a celebrity, a place, animal, etc.) and start listing off facts about said thing until your partner guesses correctly. 

This game helps you learn a lot about each other based on the knowledge you each have on certain topics.

If you don’t want to come up with the topics yourself, download some trivia road trip apps before you set off.

18. Categories

For this game, you and your partner settle on a category, such as car brands, countries, actors, movies, anything really. 

Then, taking turns, you and your partner both say things in that category. 

So, if you choose car brands, you might start with “Audi”, your partner chimes in “Honda,” and you’ll go back and forth like that. When someone pauses for more than 5 seconds, they lose.

couple standing on van rooftop

19. The Compliment Game

For this game, we’re doing a little variation of the Alphabet Game. But instead of choosing a topic and naming people or things for each letter of the alphabet, you and your partner give each other compliments. 

Alternating every letter in alphabetical order, you start with “A” and give your partner a compliment that starts with “A”, then your partner gives you a compliment that starts with “B”, and so on. 

It requires you both to get creative (especially when letters get to “X” and “Z”) as well as being a fun, romantic game.

20. Kiss. Marry. Kill.

This is a really popular game to play even outside of the car. 

The rules are simple: give your partner three people, and ask them to decide which of the options they’d kiss, marry, and kill. 

A good piece of advice is to make sure you don’t use people that either of you personally know. There’s a huge chance someone may get offended if you’re playing with your friends as options.

So, instead, use actors, singers, historical figures, heck, even cartoons like Mickey and Minnie Mouse can make it even more fun. 

couple playing road trip games for couples

21. Finish the Sentence

Pretty self-explanatory, but Finish the Sentence is played by finishing each other’s sentences. 

On your turn, come up with half a sentence, such as, “Sue went to the store to…” and then your partner finishes the sentence. Then you continue the story with another half of a sentence, and your partner continues after that. 

You can improvise the game completely, or you both can decide on a character, setting or situation to start things off. You can even make it a romantic story to make it more of a couples game to play.

Bonus: Road Trip Bingo

This is a “background car activity” you can play simultaneously with other games, and it’s super easy.

Before you leave, write down a list of 10-20 things you predict to see during your trip. These can be as mundane or as strange as you want — the stranger, the harder.

Here are some ideas to get you started:
🚗 Someone mowing their lawn.
🚗 Someone running a red light.
🚗 Someone with the exact same car as you.
🚗 Someone singing or dancing like crazy in their car.
🚗 A sign-flipper.
🚗 A hitchhiker.

…you get the idea.

Try to be the first person to call out the scenario when you see it, then check it off your list.

This isn’t the most exciting road trip activity in the world, but it keeps your mind alert.

Other fun things for couples to do on a road trip

These couple’s road trip games will keep you occupied for hours, but you can only play the Alphabet Game so many times without getting bored.

If you’re on a longer-term adventure, you may need a bit more.

That’s where this list of fun travel hobbies comes in.

By choosing a travel hobby with your partner — activities you both enjoy doing while traveling — you’ll never get bored on the road.

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