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SimOptions Review: Thoughts After eSIM Tests Abroad (2024)

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New travel eSIM companies are popping up every day. And my goal is to test them ALL to determine which one is best for travelers. 

In this SimOptions review, I’ll show you how it stacks up against other eSIM companies. 

Note that SimOptions did not pay me to write this or provide me with free service. I paid out of my own pocket for the sake of science.

While trying out SimOptions, I noticed some pretty decent speed tests compared to other companies.

That said, due to some challenges I experienced — which I share below — I think there are better alternatives. 

Key Takeaways

👉 While their website looks professional, it feels more like a front.

👉 The eSIM I tested abroad worked just fine, but it lacks features that other eSIM companies offer.

👉 SimOptions has no app available so it’s less convenient to track usage and top-up on data.

What is SimOptions?

SimOptions is a marketplace that offers eSIM access for your online surfing in over 200 destinations.

Although not the cheapest eSIM as advertised, they do have some decent plans

Plans vary by country and can range from cheap 7-day 1GB plans to more expensive unlimited plans. 

Some are 5G compatible, while others use 4G and LTE.

Best eSIM for international travelers?

I’ve tested over 10 different eSIM companies for 21 months (and counting) across 5 continents.

I share the results of this experiment in my mega comparison of the best eSIMs for international travelers.

But to sum it up:

👉 Holafly is by far the best option for heavy data users who don’t need to tether (use link for discount).

👉 Airalo is a better option for light data users who don’t want unlimited data (use discount code MITCH9827).

👉 Nomad is an alternative to Airalo for light data users, with more plan options in certain regions of the world (use discount code UNTETHER).

SimOptions didn’t make my top 3 list, and you can see why below.

How to set up SimOptions eSIMs the easy way

Step 1. Go to the SimOptions website and choose your destination.

screenshot of simoptions homepage with text markup that reads select esim and choose destination

Step 2. Check out the details of the travel eSIMs plan available for the region of your choice. 

screenshot of simoptions plan details

Step 3. Click ‘Buy Now’, and fill in your contact and payment info.

Step 4. Check your email for details on how to set up your eSIM. 

SimOptions review: How it actually worked

I ran my tests while in Thailand. 

The SimOptions website offered the same tourist eSIM packages that I saw on Airalo (called “Happy Tourist” package). 

But in addition to these plans, they also seemed to have a different eSIM with “SimOptions” listed as the provider. This is the one I tested, and the network it ended up using was TRUE-H.

I had 5G coverage with 65.9 Mbps download and 41.7 Mbps upload speed.

screenshot of simoptions speed test results

These are faster speeds on average compared to other eSIMs I’ve tried, but your speeds will depend on your destination and local carrier.

That said, the SimOptions website felt “fake” and customer support was nonexistent, which is why I can’t recommend it.

Here are the pros and cons I found during my experience. Let’s start with the cons.

Con1: 24/7 customer service is a lie

They claim to have 24/7 customer service, but they were the only eSIM company who NEVER responded to my request for help.

I was in the queue at position #1, but nobody ever responded.

I sent my message around 11:53 am, waited for 20 minutes, and got no response. 

To get an email response, you have to click to add your email, but it doesn’t look like an actual link, so it’s not super obvious. 

Regardless, I added my email to get alerted of a response, but it never came. 

screenshot of simoptions customer support chatbox

Con 2: Sketchy rating system

They have a star rating for each eSIM option, but when you click on them, it just brings you to the same overall review page (no matter which eSIM you click on).

Also, the star rating is the exact same for every single eSIM from every country (either 4.7 or 5 stars), which looks fishy and isn’t really helpful.

screenshot of simoptions data plan options

Con 3: No Mobile App

SimOptions travel eSIMs are only available through their website. They do not have a phone app like many other eSIM companies. 

This makes things less convenient when buying plans, topping up, and monitoring usage. 

Pro 1: Easy Installation

The installation process was easy. You buy on their site and open a PDF file sent to your email. 

Then, you just need to scan the included QR code or copy and paste the manual codes they give you. 

screenshot of simoptions qr code for registration

I think it would be nicer if they had more images or videos showing the installation process. Especially for first-timers.

But you should be able to figure it out with the text and few images they have. 

Con/Pro: They offer eSIMs and Physical SIMs

screenshot of simoptions esim and physical esim options

SimOptions offers both eSIMs and physical SIM cards. 

On one hand, it’s nice to offer an option to people who don’t have eSIM compatible devices. 

On the other hand, I don’t really see when it would ever make sense. 

The shipping fees of buying a normal SIM to have it delivered to you are expensive. And you could just  buy a cheap SIM once you arrive (assuming they sell them in the airport and don’t scam you). 

SimOptions eSIM review: Is it worth it?

Overall, SimOptions was the worst ranked eSIM of all the companies I tested. 

The speed was decentcompared to other eSIM brands, and it’s available in almost every country.

But the drawbacks leave a bad taste in my mouth.

In my opinion, other eSIM companies have a wider range of options and are easier to use (with customer support that actually replies to you).

SimOptions alternatives

After testing 10 top companies throughout 15+ countries, I was the least impressed with SimOptions.

Their website just seems deceptive.

The star rating system felt fake. 

Prices are on par with other eSIMs, but it was not the cheapest (like they claim it is). 

Customer service was not 24/7 as advertised, and never responded to my concern.

After testing all the most popular eSIMs, I’ve narrowed it down to three favorites — each for different circumstances.

I recommend simply popping a tab open for each of these 3 companies and running a quick search for your destination. Then make your decision based on whichever has a plan that fits your needs the best.

Holafly (extra discount built into this affiliate link) – Best for heavy data users because they are the only company that offers unlimited data plans in many countries. Pretty easy setup, good customer support in multiple languages.

Airalo (Use code MITCH9827 for extra free credit) – Best for light data users who want a cheap small data plan for the basics.

Nomad (Use code UNTETHER for extra free credit) – In some countries, offers better deals than Airalo. Also has a smooth setup process.

It shouldn’t take more than 2 minutes to compare, and you’ll know exactly which one makes the most sense for your trip.

For a deeper look at each one of these companies, check out the full guides below:

👉 Holafly review

👉 Airalo review

👉 Nomad eSIM review

I am testing new eSIMs all the time, so for my latest reviews and comparisons, make sure to subscribe to the Project Untethered Youtube channel!

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