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If you purchase through links on this page, I may earn a teensy commission (at NO additional cost to you). I only recommend bomb-dot-com products I’m in love with. (See full disclosure) Even though van life can be super cheap, it never feels good to watch your bank account drain.  The most logical way to remedy …

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This guest post was written by Nausheen Farishta, a digital nomad living in Rome for two months (see full bio below). Living abroad as a digital nomad is an exhilarating experience, but living and working from Rome takes it to the next level.  Having visited four times already, I was excited to immerse myself in …

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Coliving is exploding in popularity for people looking for a sense of community and a way to live and work more affordably and sustainably.  The concept of coliving is based on the idea of shared living spaces where you can live together in a communal setting.  It comes with loads of benefits like social connections, …

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Nomadism is growing and — as you’ll see from these digital nomad statistics — will continue to explode in the future. People are craving adventure and remote work has never been more popular.  We all have our own preconceptions when it comes to nomads, but some of these digital nomad stats will surprise you.  We’ll …

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Looking for the best travel jobs to earn money on the road? You’ve come to the right place. It’s exciting, isn’t it? The thought of working travel jobs to earn money from anywhere in the world. Moving from country to country as you please. Not depending on anybody. Breaking free from the office, from wasted …

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When you think about digital nomad jobs, the first thing you might think of is a software developer or super tech geek with special “nomad skills”. In reality, you don’t need specialized skills to make money on the road. There are TONS of digital nomad careers that allow anyone to live a location independent lifestyle …

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Interested in legal transcription, eh? I don’t blame you. Making a good living by typing away on your computer from the comfort of your home (or anywhere on earth with an internet connection)… What’s not to love? The problem is—while legal transcription isn’t difficult, per se—it’s not something you can start overnight. There is some …

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This guest post was written by Sabrina Maasdam, a digital nomad living in Curaçao for three months (see full bio below). Curaçao is a sunny paradise in the Caribbean with 365 days of summer per year.  With pristine, white sandy beaches and amazingly blue water… What better place to live and work as a digital …

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Shopping for the best digital nomad insurance sucks. Studying mountains of fine print, comparing apples-to-oranges with different rules and limits, determining if you want need covered is actually covered, reading endless reviews to see which companies will try to weasel out of paying … I’m stressed just thinking about it! When it comes to travel …

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