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10 Best Travel Gifts for DAD [2023 Edition]

10 Best Travel Gifts for DAD [2023 Edition]

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Searching for the perfect travel gifts for dad?

Well, you’re in luck!

Gone are the days of buying boring gifts like ties, t-shirt, and whiskey…

It’s time to get daddy something memorable!

When I have kids (hold your horses, mom. Not happening any time soon), I’m gonna train ’em from a young age to only buy their daddy cool travel gear.

As for your dad…

Maybe it’s his birthday. Maybe it’s Father’s Day. Or maybe he just has an exciting trip coming up. Either way, choose something from this list of best travel gifts for dad, and you can’t go wrong.

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#1.) City Map Glass

whiskey glass with city map etched into it

Does dad like whiskey? Does he have a favorite city? If so, this unique travel gift is right up his alley. 

This custom whiskey glasses come with a map of the city of your choice etched in the side—so every time he has a drink, he’ll be reminded of his favorite memories there.

#2.) Monogrammed Luggage Tag

These personalized luggage tags are the perfect small travel gift for dads (or anyone, really) who want a way to easily recognize their luggage. 

With 10 colors and six engraving styles to choose from, it will be sure to make their luggage truly one-of-a-kind. 

#3.) Roll-Up Backgammon

If your dad is a board game guy, this roll-up backgammon kit is a fun travel gift he can take with him on the road. 

The kit consists of a leather board designed by German backpackers to by as sturdy and lightweight as humanly possible.

#4.) Travel Beard Trimmer

Keep dad looking slick during his travels with this Remington cordless beard trimmer. It includes all the attachments needed to manage the hairs growing out of his facial orifices.

Best of all, everything packs down nicely into the included travel pouch.

I haven’t tried this trimmer personally (I generally try to avoid letting my patchy prepubescent facial hair grow at all), but with almost 5000 reviews, it seems like a safe bet.

#5.) The Foldable “Dad Hat”

Help dad travel in style (and stay safe from the sun) on his next trip with this foldable roll-up fedora hat. 

It’s the perfect gift for the beach, it folds up nicely to fit in a backpack, and it provides UPF50+ sun protection. If this one doesn’t feel like his style, here are some other travel hat options to choose from.

#6.) Rainbow Sandals

These are, according to many reviews, the best quality flip flops on the market.

I’m intrigued.

Over the past few years, I’ve worn through at least 20 pairs of cheap flip flops. Perhaps splurging and investing in some quality Rainbow Sandals wouldn’t be such a bad idea. 

Great travel gift idea for dad.

#7.) Men’s prAna Stretch Zion Pants

Here’s a travel gift your dad will never want to take off.

These prAna stretch pants are technically built for rock climbing, which means they are stretchy, comfortable, and durable—all features that make great travel pants as well.

The cool thing about these is they’re versatile. They may be meant for rock climbing and outdoorsy stuff, but they are casual enough to use for a night on the town.

P.S. – That ugly khaki color is only one of many color options.

#8.) Outdoor Bucket Hat

This affordable outdoor bucket hat is nice small travel gift for anyone who loves spending time in the great outdoors.

It’s mesh panels will keep their head cool, the UPF 50 UV protection will keep their skin safe, and the flexible material makes it perfect for crushing into small spaces in a backpack.

#9.) North Face Hedgehog Fastpack Goretex Hiking Shoes

I packed ONE pair of shoes for over a year of travel in South America—the North Face Hedgehogs.

These trusty shoes took a serious beating and held up surprisingly well. I wore them for everything. Every single day. Hiking up mountains. Tubing down rivers. Exploring the city. Going out at night.

These are hands down my favorite shoe for travel (especially when hiking is involved), and I’m looking forward to buying my 3rd pair.

Long story short—dad will love them.

#10.) Collapsible Water Bottle

Travelers used to face a dilemma when it came to water bottles…

They could either carry around a bulky BPA water bottle that takes up valuable backpack space. Or, they could buy plastic water bottles and murder the earth.

Thankfully, those days are over. The Nomader collapsible water bottle squishes down into a compact roll to save space when empty—perfect for packing in your carry on.

This is an awesome travel gift for dad that’ll help pack light while saving the earth 🌎

Best Gifts for Dad Recap

So, whether your dad is “fashion-challenged” and needs some cool travel attire…

Or you think he’ll enjoy having travel items custom-made just for him…

By choosing from the ideas on this list, it’ll surely be a present he’ll never forget!

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