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20 AWESOME Gifts Ideas for Nature Lovers in 2020

Need inspiration for gifts for nature lovers and outdoor adventurers?

The good news is…you’ve got TONS of options.

Nature lovers are seriously the easiest people to shop for. The number of cool outdoorsy products is basically endless.

Whether they like camping, or trekking, or kayaking, or birwatching…

There’s TONS of gear they need.

However, this creates a new problem—how the heck do you decide what to choose?

That’s what I’ll show you on this list.

By choosing one of the following gift ideas, you can be sure your nature-loving traveler will love it!

I can almost guarantee you’ll find the perfect gift for our outdoorsy traveler on this list. But if you want ever MORE ideas, check out this list of overall best travel gifts.

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#1.) Steripen Adventurer Opti 

The Steripen is not only incredibly useful for nature-loving travelers, but it could also save their life.

It allows you to sterilize ANY water (killing 99.9% of nasty viruses and bacteria), making it safe to drink in 90 seconds or less (for 1L).

It’s hard to appreciate how valuable this is until you travel somewhere with no access to clean drinking water. But when you do, you’ll be glad you packed it. 

Even when you’re not off the beaten path, the Steripen comes in handy when you need to buy bottled water but the shops are closed.

#2.) LifeStraw 

A cheaper alternative to the Steripen is a LifeStraw.

This also is a super handy gift for someone traveling, but it’s not quite as practical as the Steripen. That’s because with the Lifestraw, water is purified as you suck through the straw (meaning it’s for personal use).

A Steripen, on the other hand, allows you to purify water for multiple people.  

#3.) LifeStraw Water Bottle

A filtered water bottle is another great gift for travelers who will be exploring places with sketchy water.

That said, it’s probably the least practical of the three purification options because, well, it only works if you drink from this bottle. 

It’s still would make an awesome adventure travel gift, but the other options are a bit more flexible.

#4.) TSA-Friendly Minimalist Multitool

The Lever Gear Toolcard Pro Multitool is one of the most unique travel gifts you can buy for outdoor adventure lovers.

It fits in your wallet, is allowed on airplanes, and has 40 different uses (but let’s be honest, they’ll probably only ever use the bottle opener 🍺)

#5.) Hammock Mosquito Net

Remember that hammock we talked about earlier?

Well, if you don’t want your traveler to get eaten alive by skeeters in said hammock (which in some areas, is actually extremely dangerous), then get them this handy hammock mosquito net!

This net was designed by a former US marine and offers a lifetime “No Bugs” warranty.

#6.) Black Diamond Storm Headlamp

I made the mistake of buying a cheapo headlamp once.

I carried it around in my backpack for months, patiently waiting for the perfect opportunity to use it. Finally, I found myself out in the Costa Rican jungle with no electricity. Excited, I whipped out my headlamp, pressed the power button, and…NOTHING.

The stupid thing was a dud. And I spent three nights stumbling around in the dark, praying I wouldn’t accidentally step on a tarantula (they love chilling in the middle of the footpaths at night).

After surviving that weekend, I decided it was probably a good idea to shell out a few extra bucks and buy a top-rated Black Diamond headlamp. 

#7.) Sea to Summit Dry Sack

Every traveler needs one of these. They’re perfect for the beach, tubing, and boating excursions…but honestly, they’re great to have along any time you might get caught in a rainstorm and are carrying stuff that you prefer stays dry.

If your traveler doesn’t already have a quality dry sack, this will be a very useful travel gift. 

#8.) aLokSak Waterproof Bags

When it comes to protecting valuables from water damage while traveling, it’s always good to have backup options.

These aLokSak waterproof bags basically zip lock bags on steroids. They’re lightweight, easy to pack, and will give your traveler peace of mind when carrying their valuables around water.

#9.) Emergency Survival Kit

Here’s a handy gift for travelers that could actually save their life.

This emergency survival kit is a must-have for adventurers who like to rough it in the wild. It includes an emergency blanket, fire starter, tactical knife, scraper, compass, swiss card multitool, flashlight, whistle, multifunction survival bracelet, and more.

Best of all, everything comes in a compact, travel-friendly waterproof case.

#10.) Lightweight Backpacking Tent

You can’t just use any old tent on a long-term backpacking trip. It needs to be lightweight and ultra-compact.

These tents can be ridiculously expensive. That’s why—unless your traveler plans to camp all the time—I recommend the cheaper North Face Stormbreaker tent, which cost less than half of some of the other backpacking tents on the market.

This is the tent we used to hike the “O” trek in Torres del Paine, where it survived a harsh beating (our neighbor’s tents collapsed in a storm in the middle of the night). 

#11.) Big Agnes Air Core Sleeping Pad

If your traveler plans to spend time camping, they’re going to need a sleeping pad. And these things are definitely not created equal. 

I did TONS of research on sleeping pads when preparing for our hiking trip through Torres del Paine, and the Big Agnes Air Core Pad seemed to offer the best mix of quality and value.

After using it for 2 weeks camping in the mountains, I’m super impressed at how lightweight and comfortable they are (the only downside is they’re kinda slippery).

#12.) Ultralight Backpacking Stove

Having your own travel stove opens up tons of food options when camping (or traveling in general). You’re no longer at the mercy of the cookware available at your campsite, hostel, etc)—you can cook up a nice meal anywhere!

If you need a gift for budget travelers or hikers, this will help them save a boatload of money on food. 

There are super fancy backpacking stoves out there (like this one), but I personally just use the basic, tried-and-true MSR PocketRocket Stove. 

#13.) Camping Cookware Set

If your traveler wants the freedom to cook their own meals in the wild, they’ll also need a compact camping cookware set.

This is the set we used in Torres, and it worked perfectly—small enough to pack, but just big enough to cook. 

#14.) Backpacking Sleeping Bag

I’m a firm believer that every adventurer should own a high-quality sleeping bag—something that will keep them warm in extreme temperatures.

This probably won’t be a travel present that your traveler will take with them on long trips (lugging around a sleeping bag—no matter how compact—is a pain). But if they love camping and hiking, they’ll definitely put it to good use.

When choosing a sleeping bag, there are 3 main things to consider: Price, Temperature Rating, and Size/Weight. 

Ultra-compact sleeping bags with extremely cold temperature ratings can get very pricey. I used a “middle of the line” Marmot Trestles 15 bag in Patagonia, and it was perfect.

#15.) Solar-Powered Power Bank

Most travelers have at least one normal powerbank to charge their electronics on-the-go. 

But what happens when you’re hiking in the mountains for 10 days without access to electricity?

That’s where this solar-powered powerbank comes in. As long as your traveler has access to sunlight, they’ll never run out of battery.

It’s four solar panels absorb the sun’s energy during the day, and when full, can charge up a smartphone up to 10 times. 

#16.) Wrist Dive Computer

Does your traveler loves scuba diving? If you’re looking for gifts for divers, here’s one that will help them stay safe as they explore the underwater world.

This wrist dive computer monitors important dive metrics, has adjustable alarms, and is beginner-friendly.

#17.) Packable Daypack

When traveling, you need a minimum of two bags. One large main bag, and one smaller daypack. However, lugging around two bags everywhere isn’t fun.

That’s why a packable daypack makes a great gift for people who travel.

This water-resistant packable daypack offers 35L of space to take hiking or sightseeing during the day, but folds down tightly into its own pocket to store away in your main bag when traveling.

#18.) Mosquito-Repelling Clothing

Permethrin-treated clothing is an awesome gift for travelers planning to be in dangerous “mosquito zones”. This clothing is treated with Permethrin, a mosquito-repelling chemical, which means your traveler won’t have to worry about constantly applying mosquito spray. 

Here are a few different options:

Women’s Long Sleeve Pullover

Women’s Pants

Men’s Long Sleeve


The last option is to simply buy the Permethrin chemical itself so they can use it to treat any clothes they want. 

#19.) Garmin eTrex 20x Handheld GPS

There are many hikes around the world that are well-marked and easy to follow. The problem is that since they’re so convenient and easily accessible, sometimes it’s hard to have a place all to yourself. 

If you need a gift for someone who loves to escape the crowds and go WAY off the beaten path, the Garmin eTrex 20x Handheld GPS will help them do just that.

This handheld GPS is one of the best hiking essentials for hardcore adventurers who want to create their own hiking routes. 

#20.) Lightweight Travel Binoculars

If your traveler is going to be out searching for wildlife, having a good pair of binoculars is a must.

Seeing things up close (or at least feeling like you’re close) is a whole different experience than squinting to make out the camouflaged shape of an animal that might actually just be a log off in the distance.

Travel Gifts for Nature Lovers Recap

Like I said, you’ve got no shortage of options here.

In order to pick the right one, first figure out the kinds of specific activities they like.

Then, if you can, do some further snooping and figure out where they are planning to travel to next.

What’s the climate like? What are popular outdoor activities in the area? Scuba diving? Camping? Hiking?

Armed with this information, choose an item on the list that fits best!

Happy gift hunting!

Need even more gift ideas? We’ve got ya covered. Choose the type of traveler you’re shopping for below:

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