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11 FREE Virtual Assistant Tools Every VA Should Be Using

Working as a virtual assistant is overwhelming if you aren’t using the right tools. 

I learned this the hard way when I first started as a VA.

You might assume the “right” tools are gonna cost you an arm and a leg. 

But it turns out, they’re free.

Take a seat at the proverbial coffee table, and let’s talk about all the FREE virtual assistant tools that’ll help you manage clients, track hours, get paid, and more.

11 Free virtual assistant tools you should be using

#1.) ClickUp

Does crossing something off your to-do list give you a serious dopamine high?  

ClickUp is a visual project management tool that’s guaranteed to keep you on track and organized. 

No need to feel overwhelmed by those lengthy client briefings. Just place your due dates, attachments, and checklists into Trello’s visual board assuring you won’t miss a single detail for all that client work rolling in.

Consider ClickUp your free, productivity companion designed to keep you laser-focused on your client work. 

Alternative: Asana, Trello (these both have free versions as well, but ClickUps free version is the most generous)

#2.) Typeform 

What’s that? An email from a prospective client interested in your sweet VA skills? Excellent. 

But before moving forward, we’re going to need some information…

Typeform is a free online form builder you can use to gather all the client information you need. 

These fun-looking forms are also perfect for onboarding clients or requesting feedback and testimonials.

Alternative: Google Forms

#3.) Dropbox Sign

When you’re ready to seal the deal, upload your contract to Dropbox Sign and snag that eSignature.

Dropbox Sign’s free plan allows for unlimited self-signing and three signature requests per month. After sending three signature requests, there’s a monthly fee. But if you’re onboarding more than three new clients per month, that shouldn’t be a problem.

Bonus: If you already have a Dropbox account, you have access to this free plan now.

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#4.) Canva

As a VA, you need to have your graphics game dialed in. And as someone who flunked art class in middle school, Canva gave me a second chance. 

Canva is a one-stop shop for free fonts, graphics, templates, and photos — literally everything you need to create visual awesomeness.  

They offer free tutorials teaching you how to whip up graphics for your website, social media, newsletter, and client projects.

Skillshare also has an epic course you can take for free that shows how to make graphics that’ll blow the socks off your clients.

#5.) LastPass

Managing all these software tools means you’ll have a boatload of passwords to deal with. 

LastPass lets you set super long and secure passwords for each account, without having to remember any of them yourself. 

That means no more time wasted on resetting passwords you forgot. It also means not getting hacked because you used your birthday as your password. 

LastPass also offers peace of mind to clients to know their login info is in safe hands. 

#6.) Google Drive

Google Drive is much more than just 15 GB of free cloud-based storage. 

It’s absolutely essential for VA because it allows for hassle-free collaboration and file sharing with clients. 

Whether you’re creating spreadsheets in Google Sheets, a writing assignment in Google Docs, or even graphics in Google Draw — you can easily share the link with others, add comments, and suggest revisions. 

Google Drive even lets you create shared folders, so everything you work on for clients is automatically accessible to everyone who needs it.

If there is one free virtual assistant software you should be using, it’s Google Drive.

#7.) Dropbox

Dropbox is a fantastic free virtual assistant tool you can count on to securely store your documentation.

Beyond the benefits of organized cloud storage, you can safely send large files to your clients with Dropbox — even if they don’t have an account. 

This is especially handy when you have to send video or heavy graphics files that don’t play well with email.

You start with 2GB of free storage, so no need to worry about taking up precious space on your device!

#8.) Skype

Skype is the OG video and audio platform.

Despite the domination of Zoom these days, Skype remains a dependable communication tool designed to keep you connected with your clients.

Skype allows you to share your screen with clients so they can witness your VA magic first-hand. 

Making use of Skype’s HD video calling to discuss the latest project feels just like meeting in person.

Alternative: Google Meet (convenient if you’re already using Google Calendar and Gmail)

#9.) Google Calendar + Calendly

Google Calendar + Calendly makes sharing your schedule and availability with clients uber easy.

No need to worry about missing that upcoming client meeting, Google’s got a reminder en route.

This powerful tool combo is like having your own personal assistant who informs you of your plans each day. Wait, does that make it the virtual assistant to the…virtual assistant?

Best of all, if you’re using Gmail, you already have Google Calendar!

#10.) Toggl

You’re a hard-working virtual assistant. The work you do speaks for itself.

That said, if you’re paid by the hour, you’ll need a tool that accurately tracks time spent on each project. 

And that tool is…Toggl!

It’s dead simple to use. And even if you aren’t paid by the hour, knowing how much time you’re spending on tasks helps you determine how much to charge.

#11.) PayPal

Speaking of compensation…

PayPal is the most widely used online payment method worldwide. 

It’s the convenience of PayPal that makes this VA tool a real winner.

Your client doesn’t need a PayPal account to pay you and virtually all forms of payment are accepted.

You can even send customizable invoices through Paypal for free — much more professional than the janky invoices I’ve been known to make in Google Docs.

The downside is, PayPal charges a small percentage fee for business transactions. So you’ll have to determine if the convenience outweighs the fee.

Alternative: Wise (often cheaper for international payments), direct bank transfer (charges for wire payments may be less than the PayPal fee if you’re receiving a large payment)

BONUS: Facebook groups

Sure, you might be working remotely but that doesn’t mean you have to be the lone wolf VA. 

Facebook groups are an excellent way to connect, ask questions, and share ideas with other virtual assistants.

A lot of free virtual assistant Facebook groups are a bit spammy or target VAs from the Philippines (which you may or may not be interested in), but I found one free group that is actually legit.

It’s private, and in order to get access, you just have to sign up for this free guide on becoming a virtual assistant

Once you do that, there’s a button to join the private Facebook group.

Several top-rated virtual assistant courses also come with access to private Facebook groups, and these tend to be SUPER helpful. They often include exclusive job opportunities, live Q&A calls, networking opportunities, accountability groups, and expert support if you ever get stuck on your journey. 

Best apps for virtual assistants to learn for clients

In addition to your personal tools, your clients often have their own virtual assistant tools for you to use. 

Don’t sweat it. These apps and software will help set you up for success 💪. 

Say your client hires you to take their social media to the next level. They send you straight to their Hootsuite account for the task. It’s game on!

Or maybe your client uses Zoom, Slack, or ClickUp for communication and scheduling. Don’t fret — these are all easy to use and integrate seamlessly into your existing VA toolkit.

When you land a new client, the last thing you want is to look like a complete noob who hasn’t heard about common tools. To avoid this, check out these 21 software tools for virtual assistants that you’ll likely run into on the job. 

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John Joel Anonuevo

Friday 18th of August 2023

The detailed insights into various tools available for different tasks, all at no cost, are incredibly valuable. Whether you're a seasoned virtual assistant or just starting, this article offers an excellent resource to enhance efficiency and effectiveness without breaking the bank.



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