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6 Best Virtual Assistant Courses in 2022 (Free & Paid)

6 Best Virtual Assistant Courses in 2022 (Free & Paid)

I may earn a commission (at NO additional cost to you) if you purchase through links on this page. Part of these earnings are donated to GiveWell charities each month. I only recommend bomb-dot-com products I'm in love with. (See full disclosure)

So you want to become a virtual assistant, eh?

I don’t blame you.

It’s one of the easiest online jobs to start and can be extremely flexible. Plus, if you specialize and build some experience, it’s also quite lucrative.

Maybe you want to work from the comfort of your couch. Or maybe you want a job that allows you to travel the world.

Either way, a virtual assistant gig may be right up your alley. 

But starting a virtual assistant business is easier said than done. So in this guide, we’ve rounded up the six best virtual assistant courses on the market — both free and paid.

Before we dive in, let’s make sure we all understand the different types of virtual assistants.

What do virtual assistants do?

A virtual assistant (VA) is pretty much exactly what it sounds like — they assist clients or businesses in a 100% remote capacity. 

The exact job description of a virtual assistant is all over the board. Your VA duties vary based on what a client needs. 

Administrative or general VAs used to pretty much rule the virtual assistant world. But nowadays, VAs can do pretty much anything. (Here are over 200 services you could offer!)

General and administrative virtual assistants are similar to the in-person assistants you’re familiar with — the ones you see in an office taking phone calls, making copies, scheduling appointments, and doing pretty much whatever clerical or administrative tasks the client they’re working for needs.

Except (you guessed it), they do it virtually.

Some general VA tasks might include:

▶️ Scheduling appointments, travel arrangements, and meetings
▶️ Taking and making phone calls
▶️ Customer service or support
▶️ Managing email accounts
▶️ Copywriting and editing
▶️ And more

However, many virtual assistants specialize in a certain skill set or industry. 

Remember when I said those job descriptions are all over the board? 

Here are just a few types of skills a VA can specialize in:

✅ Bookkeeping
✅ Web or graphic design
✅ Article/blog ghostwriting
✅ WordPress maintenance
✅ Social media management
✅ Podcast or YouTube video editing
✅ And an endless amount of other skills!

Sometimes the line blurs between a VA and a freelancer with a retainer agreement. 

Most are self-employed, but it’s also to work as an employee for remote companies.

VAs can do several different jobs for one client, or they do one specific job for multiple clients. 

As you can see, the VA job description is pretty flexible. 

Is virtual assistant training necessary?


But it could save you a heck of a lot of time.

Nowadays you can figure pretty much anything online through experimentation and trial and error. 

The trick is wading through the crap and hoping you’re following a path that actually works.

When you invest in a course with proven results, you cut down your learning curve, avoid mistakes, and start earning faster. This is especially true if you have limited experience working online. 

Remember, there are two parts to becoming a virtual assistant: 

1️⃣ Learning the skills you need for the service you offer
2️⃣ Learning how to run your own business and actually finding work

If you’ve already mastered the skill you’re going to offer, you’re halfway there. But having fancy skills won’t do you much good if your business has virtual tumbleweeds rolling across the streets.

Learning how to run your own business is an integral part of the success of your VA business, and your income. 

To determine the best virtual assistant course for you (or if you need one at all), keep these two parts in mind. Some courses focus on both VA skills and the business aspect, while others just laser in on the business side of things.

The best virtual assistant courses in 2022

1. The SavvySystem – Best overall virtual assistant course

screenshot of the savvy system va course

The SavvySystem is hands down one of the best virtual assistant courses on the market.

It’s even been featured in NBC News, Boss Mom, Teachable, and many others.

The SavvySystem — run by Abbey Ashley — has a ton of information packed into one course. Not only does it start from the ground up. It includes every step you’ll go through as a VA business owner, even all the way to hiring and building your own team of VAs (if that’s something you’re interested in doing). 

You also get lifetime access to their community and coaching, making the SavvySystem one of the most comprehensive trainings on the market — no matter where you are in your VA journey. 

The SavvySystem FREE Virtual Assistant Training
The SavvySystem is a big commitment, no doubt. If you’re on the fence, try their free Become a Booked Out Virtual Assistant training.

The SavvySystem Lesson Content 

When you join the SavvySystem, you’ll learn about:

☑️ Launching your VA business
☑️ Whether or not to niche down
☑️ Which services to offer and how to price them
☑️ How to get clients
☑️ Branding yourself (logo, business name, etc.)
☑️ The legal side of running your own business (taxes, EIN, insurance, etc.)
☑️ Working with an efficient process
☑️ Marketing yourself (including an in-depth marketing plan)
☑️ Everything from starting your website to designing and managing it
☑️ Building your own team, and how to hire them
☑️ Scaling your business and raising prices

You also get a motherload of bonuses, including:

✔️ The VA Toolbox and Mock Portfolio Template (including all the legal documentation needed to get clients)
✔️ Savvy Site reviews (training and personalized web design feedback)
✔️ Skyrocket Your Business Using LinkedIn
✔️ The VA Template Box
✔️ Monthly group accountability calls (plus other weekly live calls)
✔️ Proposal reviews (get personalized feedback before you send them to clients)
✔️ Your name in their Virtual Assistant Database Listing
✔️ Lifetime access to SavvySystem mastermind community

✅ The most comprehensive course on the market❌ Price. But keep in mind you have lifetime access to the course materials AND community. Many other courses require an ongoing paid membership to maintain access to all material. So even though the base price of other courses may be cheaper, you may spend more over the long run.
✅ Best refund policy out of all courses (100% satisfaction, 30-day money-back guarantee)
✅ Tons of coaching and feedback opportunities from mentors
✅ Lifetime access to the course, community, and coaching for a one-time payment (vs. other courses that charge a monthly or annual membership)

Price: There are 3 tiers:
1️⃣ SavvySystem Lite ($997 or $97 payment plan): Course material without support, DIY approach.
2️⃣ SavvySystem Pro ($1497 or $147 payment plan): Course material plus lifetime access to the community, personalized business coaching, job opportunities, and other cool stuff.
3️⃣ SavvySystem Ultimate ($2997 or $297 payment plan): Everything in Pro, plus lifetime access to the SavvyVault, which includes 80+ advanced trainings to master higher-paying VA skills (If you don’t need lifetime access, you can save money by choosing the Pro option and just buying 1-month access of the SavvyVault).

(Note: If enrollment is closed, you can get in the “backdoor” by taking her free course first)

See my full Virtual Savvy review for an inside look into the course.

2. 90 Day VA – Best value virtual assistant training for tighter budgets

screenshot of the 90 day va course

90 Day VA is a VA course by Esther Inman, and it’s the best budget alternative to the SavvySystem. It’s designed to give you everything you need to start landing clients within 90 days or less. 

This includes how to launch your business, choose which services to offer, how to market yourself, and all that jazz.

What makes 90 Day VA unique is that the course spends a lot of time on how to use social media to scale your business. This is a unique strategy you don’t see in some other courses.

Not only that, but 90 Day VA also includes skill training to become a podcast or video editor, which are two high-demand positions that some other courses brush over.

90 Day VA is great for current or aspiring VAs who want to launch and scale their business within the next three months. Especially if you want to boost your online presence through social media.

It includes plenty of material on building your business and skills, making it a well-rounded training program 

90 Day VA Free Virtual Assistant Course
90 Day VA also has a free training course to get your feet wet and learn how to become a VA that works from anywhere.

90 Day VA Lesson Content:

90 Day VA teaches a bunch of different high-value VA skills, including:

☑️ Content marketing
☑️ Blogging and copywriting
☑️ Social media management
☑️ Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest marketing and management
☑️ Podcast editing and management
☑️ Video editing
☑️ Email marketing
☑️ Lite web management
☑️ Networking and finding jobs
☑️ Pricing your services
☑️ Legalities – taxes, insurance, etc.

And of course, you also get loads of bonuses like:

✔️ Templates and scripts
✔️ In-depth tips on using Instagram to get clients
✔️ Weekly Q&A calls + CoWorking sessions
✔️ Monthly workshops with industry experts
✔️ 40-60 monthly job postings for members of the community
✔️ 6-month access to 90 Day VA private Facebook group

✅ Well-rounded; includes all aspects of running a VA business from the ground up❌ Refund policy requires you to show your work (but why would you buy if you’re not willing to do any work?)
✅ Specific training in high-demand social media platforms
✅ Skill training (podcasts, video editing, copywriting, etc.)
✅ Longer initial access to the community, and an option to maintain it for an affordable price

Price: $797 (payment plans starting at $147)

This includes lifetime access to the course material and six-month access to community and group calls. If you’d like to continue community membership (which isn’t necessary for most people) it costs $49 per month or $199 per year. 

(Note: If enrollment is closed, you can get in the “backdoor” by taking her free course first)

See my full 90 Day VA review for an inside look into the course.

3. Fully Booked VA

screenshot of fully booked VA virtual assistant course

Founded by Gina Horkey, Fully Booked VA is another one of the best virtual assistant training programs for anyone who can’t swing the more expensive SavvySystem (although it’s worth the splurge). 

Gina pretty much thought of everything.

The course not only teaches you how to run your business and find clients, but also includes the six lucrative VA specializations. 

She helps you figure out which one (or ones) to specialize in and includes in-depth training for each. 

If you’re brand new to the VA world, a general VA wanting to specialize, or are simply struggling to make a decent income, Fully Booked VA will whip you into shape. 

Fully Booked VA and 90 Day VA are similarly priced (within $200) and make similar promises (90 days to VA freedom). Each course offers training on different VA skills, so to help you decide:
#1.) Choose the course that offers the skills you’re most interested in.
#2.) If you’re still unsure, sign up for the free courses for each program to see which teacher you like best (Gina’s free course is listed below, and here is Esther’s free course).

Free Training & Courses
Before diving in headfirst to a full-blown VA program, you can test the waters first with Gina’s free virtual assistant training masterclass.

Fully Booked VA Lesson Content

Fully Booked VA is a three-step course: 

#1.) Start (The VA Foundations course)

#2.) Build (VA Foundations final exam and certification)

#3.) Scale (In-depth training in each of the five Specialization Tracks)

You can’t just blow throw this course without taking action. You must complete one step before unlocking the next. 

The VA Foundations Course topics include:

VA foundations course screenshot

☑️ Launching your business and crafting your plan
☑️ How to find clients
☑️ Maintaining client relationships
☑️ An efficient work process to work smarter, not harder
☑️ How to work with clients
☑️ Scaling your business and raising prices
☑️ Marketing yourself online through a website and social media
☑️ Legalities of running a VA business (including contract templates)
☑️ And more!

After you complete the course, you take the final exam to earn your Horkey HandBook Certification:

screenshot of horkey handbook virtual assistant certificate

This unlocks the third and last part of the course.

The 5 Specialization Tracks for VAs: 

  • Social Media & Community Management
  • Customer Service & Admin
  • Content Marketing
  • Tech & Automation
  • Marketing Strategy

Each of these five specialization tracks includes in-depth training and tutorials.

You also receive unrestricted access to the Horkey HandBook skill courses:

✔️ Freelance Writing for VAs
✔️ Real Estate for VAs
✔️ Email Management for VAs
✔️ Social Media for VAs
✔️ Project Management for VAs
✔️ Virtual Assistant Agency

If that weren’t enough, the course comes with some pretty epic bonuses, like: 

  • Access to the members-only FBVA Facebook group community
  • A weekly coaching session with Horkey’s lead coach
  • Bi-weekly deep-dive trainings with specialization track coaches, guest experts, and the FBVA team.
✅ One of the most comprehensive VA courses on the market (business training, general skills training, and niche skills training)❌ The membership is on the pricier side if you decide you want to keep all materials and the community after the initial 90 days — but that may not be necessary
✅ Facebook community with personalized coaching and extra training opportunities❌ Refund policy requires you prove you have taken action and still did not get results. So no tire kickers, please!
✅ Lifetime guarantee (if you put in work and don’t earn back the the cost of the course, you get a refund.)

Price: $997 (or $197 x 6 payment plan)

You get lifetime access to the VA Foundations course materials and many of the bonuses, but the live support and client leads are for 12 months. To maintain support and leads after 12 months, it’s an additional $497/year. 

That said, there is really no reason why you’d need these extra features after a full 12 months, so this isn’t a huge deal. By then, you should have a thriving business.

4. $10K VA

screenshot of $10k VA virtual assistant course

$10K VA is another all-inclusive VA course that teaches you how to make up to $10K a month with your VA business.

Whether you’re spanking new or have been running a VA business for a while, $10K VA can help you take it to the next level. 

The course starts with the basics, giving in-depth training on how to start a virtual assistant business, then how to scale it.

$10K VA creator, Kayla Sloan, teaches the exact process she uses to earn $10K per month. She’s broken it down into a science.

Kayla’s Free Virtual Assistant Training
If you’re on the fence, check out Kayla’s free 5 Steps to Become a Virtual Assistant mini-course.

$10K VA Lesson Content

$10K VA is as comprehensive as it gets, including topics like:

☑️ Deciding which services to offer
☑️ Where to find jobs
☑️ How to land your first client
☑️ Pricing your services
☑️ Creating an efficient work process
☑️ Building your portfolio
☑️ Legalities (taxes, etc.)
☑️ Marketing your business
☑️ How to outsource and create a VA Agency

You also get access to the $10K VA Facebook group, useful templates, and network of clients (with Pro upgrade).

✅ Helpful for both beginners and established VAs❌ No refunds (though, if you are not seeing improvements in your business or income, they will work with you personally to help you get there)
✅ FB community and access to client leads and advice from fellow VA business owners

Price: $497

5. Work From Home as a VA

screenshot of work from home as a virtual assistant udemy course

Work From Home as a VA is a top-rated Udemy course for beginner VAs. 

If you aren’t quite sure if a VA business is for you just yet, or you just want to get a feel for what life is like working as a VA so you can get started, then this is a good starter course.

It covers all the ins and outs of what a virtual assistant is and how to get started.

Work from Home as a VA Lesson Content

This course includes topics like:

☑️ Are you cut out to be a VA?
☑️ Business policies for success
☑️ What to do before launching your business
☑️ How to successfully launch 
☑️ How to set your rates
☑️ Creating day-to-day processes to run your business

✅ Affordable❌ If you are not a total beginner or you’re absolutely sure that you want to be a VA, you might want to put your money toward a more in-depth course
✅ Great for beginning VAs to get their feet wet, especially if you’re unsure whether or not VA life is for you

Price: $50 (though it is almost always on sale for around $15-20)

6. The VA Handbook

screenshot of the va handbook course

The VA Handbook is a 12-week, go-at-your-own-pace VA course created by Joanne Munro. It focuses on beginners, but VAs early on their journey can also pick up plenty of tips to take their business to the next level.

The VA Handbook helps you determine which kind of VA you’re best suited for, then shows you exactly how to set up your business.

Joanne’s goal with this course is to help you launch your business utilizing the skills you already have (or that are easiest for you to learn). 

Joanne’s free virtual assistant training
Joanne doesn’t offer a free “course”, per se. But her blog is jam-packed with useful free content and downloads for VAs.

The VA Handbook Lesson Content

The VA Handbook will teach you how to:

☑️ Choose your services and target clients
☑️ Manage your productivity
☑️ Identify lucrative niches and choose one for yourself
☑️ Market yourself and land work
☑️ Search for opportunities on LinkedIn
☑️ Create your brand and website
☑️ Set your prices
☑️ Manage the legal side of your business

The VA Handbook also includes lifetime access to their community called the VAI membership club. In this community, you’ll find job postings, Q&A sessions, a buddy-up scheme, book club, local meetups, and weekly personal feedback from Joanne herself.

✅ Lifetime access to the course and the community❌ No skill training. Joanne is vocal about how she helps you shape skills you already possess, rather than teaching you new ones. 
✅ Valuable extras and support
✅ Comprehensive business training

Price: 649£ ($749 USD). Payment plans start at 217£ ($250 USD)

How to choose the best virtual assistant training program for YOU

Choosing the best virtual assistant course for you comes down to:

  • Where you’re at in your journey
  • What you need to get out of the course
  • What kind of VA you want to be

First, figure out what you’re looking for from a course. This is important. From there, pick whichever course best matches your needs (and budget). 

To help you choose, I’ve gone ahead and organized each course based on what your current goal as a VA might be:

  • Best VA course for niche specializing: 90 Day VA
  • Best VA course for those who don’t need skills training: The VA Handbook
  • Best VA course for navigating social media marketing and online presence: 90 Day VA
  • Best VA courses for learning and building VA skills: 90 Day VA, Fully Booked VA (choose based on which specific services you want to offer)
  • Best VA courses for tight budgets: Work From Home as a VA, Fully Booked VA’s “jumpstart” mini-course, or any of the free course options linked throughout this guide
  • Best VA courses for scaling your income: $10KA VA, The SavvySystem

In the end, you can’t really go wrong. If you follow any of the best virtual assistant training programs on this list (and actually do the work), you’ll end with a successful VA business.

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