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Get Paid to Give Advice (Online or Phone) – Up to $7k/Month

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Everyone likes to give advice. 

You get a chance to flex your wisdom muscles, and helping others feels awesome. 

But you know what’s even more awesome?

When you get PAID to give advice. 

And in today’s day and age, there are loads of ways to do it — both online and offline. 

Here’s everything you need to know. 

How to get paid to give advice online

There are tons of ways to get paid to give people advice online — from working for companies that pay you to give advice to starting a business as a consultant, life coach, or advice blogger.

There’s literally something for everybody. 

Browse through these strategies to see which options you like best. And don’t be afraid to mix and match!

Sites that pay you to give advice online

1. Live Advice

Live Advice is a website that allows you to earn money by giving advice on different topics.

Those topics include:

▶️ Careers
▶️ Wellness
▶️ Business
▶️ Technology
▶️ Relationships
▶️ General life advice

They also offer a super flexible schedule. You choose when you’re available to work each week, log on for your “shift”, and connect with clients looking for advice.

Clients choose you based on your profile, and you can chat via phone, chat, or email. 

Pay: Set your own rates. Advice-givers for platforms like this can charge between $1.50 and $6 per minute. 

2. Skillshare

screenshot of skillshare website

Skillshare is a platform similar to YouTube, except you won’t find any cat videos. Rather, it’s strictly videos that either give advice on a subject or teach a skill. 

So, if you want to give advice via video, definitely give this platform a shot. And if you’re camera-shy, you can always make a killer slideshow and use voiceover for your explanations.

The topics you can give advice on are anything related to creativity, the arts, design, freelance, entrepreneurship, lifestyle, or productivity. Your class must be at least 10 minutes long, but most average 30-40 minutes. 

Skillshare operates under a subscription model. Students pay an annual fee, and 30% of that revenue goes to the teacher’s royalty pool. Your share of the royalty pool (AKA your monthly earnings) depends on how many minutes people watch your class. 

It sounds a little confusing, but it’s easy once you get the hang of it. 

Pay: Teachers typically earn between $0.05 and $0.10 per minute watched. So if your students watch 10K minutes in one month, you can expect roughly $500 to $1000 per month. Remember, Skillshare has a community of over two MILLION students, so if your class is a hit, things can snowball fast. Skillshare’s top teachers make $100,000+ per year. 

3. JustAnswer

Are you good at research?

JustAnswer is a company that hires professionals (AKA “Experts”) from over 200 fields to work as live chat operators, answering client questions. 

Here is a small sample of these topic fields:

▶️ Jobs
▶️ Etiquette
▶️ Wedding
▶️ Firearms
▶️ Parenting
▶️ Genealogy
▶️ Clock Repair
▶️ Relationships
▶️ Entertainment
▶️ Fraud Examiner
▶️ Firearms Repair
▶️ Dream Interpretation
▶️ Engineers (Structural Engineering)
▶️ Appraisers (Antiques, Musical Instruments, Blue Book of Guns & Firearms)

Pretty random, right?

Needless to say, you’ll have plenty of interesting facts rolling around your head to share at parties. 

As long as you do your research and can explain things well, this could be a great fit for you.

With JustAnswer, you set your schedule and choose which questions to answer. You’re paid per answer, so the more you answer, the more you earn.

If you like to get paid to give relationship advice online, you might also be interested in these platforms where you get paid to talk to lonely people

Pay: According to their website, you can earn $2000 to $7000 per month, depending on how much you work and how many questions you answer.

4. Premium.Chat

Premium.Chat is another platform where you earn money by sharing your expert knowledge. 

When someone has a question in your field, they can pay you per minute to help them through chat. You can also decide to set a flat rate for each chat.

Premium.Chat has many different topics. Here are just a few:

▶️ Tutors
▶️ Doctors
▶️ Authors
▶️ Creators
▶️ Coaches
▶️ Attorneys
▶️ Influencers
▶️ Counselors
▶️ Technicians
▶️ Entertainers
▶️ Life Coaches
▶️ Entrepreneurs
▶️ Content Creators
▶️ Financial Advisors
▶️ Technical Support and Customer Support Specialists

You can even install their widget on your own website to charge for answering questions. 

If you are an influencer or you have a large social media following, you can use Premium.Chat to talk to your followers without the risk of giving out your phone number or any other personal information. 

It’s an easy way to sell your advice online.

With Premium.Chat, you can chat via audio, video, or text chat, and you always have the choice to turn down a chat request for any reason.

Pay: Set your own rates either per minute or per session. Your rates must fall within their guidelines.

5. Experts123

screenshot of experts123 website

Experts123 is another site that pays you to give advice. They have a variety of fields, including:

▶️ Pets
▶️ Crafts
▶️ Travel
▶️ Health
▶️ Beauty
▶️ Careers
▶️ Cooking
▶️ Parenting
▶️ Technology
▶️ Entertainment
▶️ Home improvement

If you’re an expert in any of these — or if you even know more than the average person — this is a great way to make money giving advice online. 

It’s easy to sign up, and you can start answering questions quickly in the form of articles. They like their advice-givers to be witty and creative in their answers, so be sure to sprinkle in some personality. 

Also, if you are working on your own personal blog to give advice, Experts123 allows you to link back to your site. That means you can make money and market yourself at the same time — win-win!

Pay: They pay you based on how much traffic your answers generate.

6. PrestoExperts

screenshot of presto experts website

PrestoExperts is similar to Experts123. As one of their experts, you give advice in fields like:

▶️ Legal
▶️ Home
▶️ Health
▶️ Design
▶️ Tutoring
▶️ Business
▶️ Shopping
▶️ Coaching
▶️ Technology
▶️ Counseling
▶️ Social Media

Some of the options — such as tutoring and coaching — have more niche offerings, and the site boasts over 600 topic categories to give advice on. 

As an expert, you give advice via online chat, phone, or email. 

You set your schedule and set your own rates. Sign up for categories that fit you, create a profile showing your credentials and experience, and clients looking for advice in your area will see your profile.

Pay: Set your own rates.

7. Quora

screenshot of quora website

Quora is a question and answer platform that just recently started letting people monetize their answers. 

On Quora, someone asks a question about a topic — it can be a question about a skill, a history question, an opinion question, or anything in between. 

More than one person can answer a question, and sometimes question askers “request” answers from certain people. 

Quora allows people to upvote or downvote answers based on how helpful people find them. That used to be the extent of the site (usually used for an advice giver’s self-promotion). 

But now, if your answers get enough views and upvotes, Quora invites you to their “partner” program.

Once a partner, you can hide portions of your answers that include your more valuable knowledge, and only people who pay the monthly Quora subscription can see it. 

You get paid based on your answer’s popularity and traffic. 

Pay: Depends on the views and upvotes of your answers. 

8. Needle

Do you love shopping?

Needle is a platform where you can advise shoppers who have questions about different products. 

The platform works with many brands and companies, and as an advice-giver, you give shopping advice to different kinds of customers. 

Think of yourself as a 100% virtual shopping assistant. 

Some Needle employees complain about poor company management, according to Glassdoor. And recently when I tried to access the sign-up page, Chrome sent me to a Privacy Error page and wouldn’t let me continue (your mileage may vary, but be careful).

That said, if it doesn’t work, there are plenty of other ways to earn money chatting online

Pay: $10 per hour

9. YouTube

screenshot of project untethered youtube channel

You know the endless ads that pop up before, after, and during YouTube videos?

That’s ad revenue that could be going into your pocket.

If you want to get paid to give advice, YouTube is a great platform to try. 

There are endless videos giving advice on YouTube, from nutrition to parenting to how to do a cartwheel. And once your channel is monetized, you get money for the ad your viewers sit through.

The catch is, for this to work, you need to stand out. It’s not easy competing with ginormous channels. But if you make awesome videos that people watch to the end, Youtube will reward you…eventually. 

It’s free to start a YouTube channel, and you can get started in minutes. But to monetize with ads, you need 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time in the past 12 months. 

For some inspiration, YouTuber Adriene Mishler (Yoga With Adriene) gives advice on yoga, and according to Social Blade, she currently earns thousands of dollars per DAY from YouTube ads alone. 

But ads aren’t the only way to earn. You can also earn via affiliate marketing, sponsored videos, and more. 

Pay: The sky’s the limit with this one. The more popular your channel, the more ad revenue you’ll earn. Your earnings also depend on your topic and audience. Companies usually pay most for US viewers.

Other ways to make money giving advice online

10. Start an advice blog

Wordpress screenshot

At some point, I bet you’ve typed a problem you’re dealing with into Google in search of wisdom. If you’re like me, you’ve done it thousands of times, scouring through blog posts to find an answer.

Why not write those blog posts yourself?

You can choose which types of advice to give on your blog — from “how do I deal with relationship problems” to “how do I get a wine stain out of my couch?”

Instead of getting paid to chat with people one-on-one, you create helpful articles that hundreds or thousands of people read each day.

If you have expertise in a certain area (nutrition, parenting, painting, etc.) or you’ve gone through hardship and came out on the other side (relationship struggles, career challenges, international moves, etc.), then you are perfectly qualified to give advice. 

Starting an advice blog is a long-term play. It requires significant front-loaded effort, and you won’t start making money overnight. 

But if you’re in it for the long game, it can eventually lead to ultimate freedom — a full-time, largely passive income.

Here is a free mini-course that teaches the fastest way to start a money-making blog. And if you’re serious about making a blogging income ASAP, check out my Fat Stacks review.

Pay: From $0 to $100,000+ per month. Here are examples of real travel blogs that make good money giving travel advice.

11. Start a consulting business

person holding a phone while working on a laptop

If you like working with people and helping them learn, you can start a consulting business.

You can consult on anything. One option is helping businesses with their marketing or web design. 

You could also consult with people who want to learn a skill that you are an expert in, such as playing an instrument, singing, playing a sport, or even as a personal trainer or nutritionist. 

Perhaps you’re an author — you can consult on an aspiring author’s manuscript.

The options are endless.

Starting your own consulting business takes hustle to get off the ground. But if successful, gives you tons of freedom. 

Pay: Set your own rates. 

12. Write an eBook

screenshot of google docs with text how to get a boyfriend that doesn't suck

Writing an eBook is another awesome idea to get paid for giving advice.

Whatever topic you are an expert in, you can write an eBook about it. Think about it like a longer form of a blog. Write about sports, nutrition, game design, relationship advice — anything.

You can sell eBooks on your own website or social media channels if you have a decent following. But it’s not a requirement.

If you don’t mind giving up a little of your revenue, you can sell eBooks on sites like Amazon’s Kindle store, the Barnes and Noble Press bookstore, or even on Etsy. (Here are some other easy digital products to sell on Etsy for passive income). 

Pay: From pennies to tens of thousands per month, depending on your eBook’s price point and popularity.

Note that if the idea of writing a book gives your the heeby jeebies, you can also get paid to READ books aloud. (I’m serious!)

13. Start a podcast

picture of audio studio

Do you prefer giving verbal advice rather than writing it out? Or do you like the idea of giving advice to an audience versus one-on-one? 

If so, starting a podcast could be right up your alley. 

I won’t lie. This is another one of those ideas that takes a while to build up, so you should choose a topic you’re passionate about. 

You can earn from affiliate marketing, paid promotions, and even paid subscriptions for exclusive content. Once you have a captive audience, your income stream options are only limited by your creativity. 

Pay: The sky is the limit. To give an extreme example, Spotify paid $200 million for Joe Rogan’s podcast. 

14. Become a life coach or counselor

Do you like helping people with their life problems or coaching them to their goals?

It’s time for you to get paid to give life advice.

This one requires a little education. Most clients want to see that you’re an accredited life coach. They’re planning to be emotionally vulnerable with you — to trust you — and knowing that you took the time to educate yourself helps build that trust.

There are several life coaching niches you can specialize in, like relationship coaching, leadership coaching, or even Christian life coaching.

Life coaching is akin to starting your own business. In addition to a life coaching certification, you also need to learn other business skills like marketing, bookkeeping, and technical know-how.

Pay: Set your own rates. The more experience and results you can show, the more people are willing to pay you.

15. Create an online course

Have you ever taken an online course? Perhaps it was a workout routine, or a step-by-step learning program for a skill.

Why not make one of your own?

Making an online course on your own website is similar to Skillshare and YouTube, except… 

You get to keep ALL the money (if you use your own platform).

Online courses are some of the best ways to make money because they generate passive income. If you choose an evergreen topic that doesn’t need frequent updates, you do the work once, and you make money while you sleep for years. 

That said, the hardest part isn’t making the course itself. It’s finding a constant stream of customers to buy it. This is where sites like Skillshare come in handy, which have built-in audiences. 

But if you’re willing to sharpen your marketing chops, you can go it alone and avoid sharing your revenue. 

Pay: Income is only limited by your price and number of interested buyers. 

What do you need to earn money giving advice?

As you can see, almost all of these options involve working online.

That means, at minimum, you’ll need some sort of computer.

If you don’t already have a laptop, you have a decision to make when buying one.

Are you planning to work from home? Or do you want to work while traveling as a digital nomad?

The laptop you choose depends on your goals.

If you’ll be working from your couch, consider one of these budget laptops for working from home.

But if you’re going to be on the go, a more portable digital nomad laptop makes more sense.

Laptops aside, you may also need a smartphone. But unless you’re living in the stone ages, that shouldn’t be a problem!

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