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Proofread Anywhere Review: Still Worth It? (2024)

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Proofread Anywhere

Course that teaches you how start a proofreading side hustle to earn extra income.

💰  Cost

$697 for General Proofreading or $997 for Transcript Proofreading.

💚  The Good

Lifetime access, proven success stories, practical training, regular updates.

💔  The Bad

Content can feel overwhelming, optional tutoring sessions are expensive.

  What We Think

One of the most comprehensive and user-friendly proofreading courses available.

Looking for an honest Proofread Anywhere review from someone who’s actually been inside the course?

If so, you’ve landed in the right place. 

Proofread Anywhere claims to teach you how to earn extra income (and potentially even an entire career) as a freelance proofreader.

But is it actually any good? And can it really help you start your own proofreading business and work on your own terms?

Our research team spent hours dissecting Caitlin Pyle’s Proofread Anywhere course to determine if it’s legit. 

Nobody likes wasting money on a mediocre course (been there, done that). So in this Proofread Anywhere course review, we’ll give it to you straight so you can decide for yourself if it’s right for you.

Let’s dive in.

Psst…before diving in head-first, I highly recommend taking this free proofreading workshop to get a feel for things to see if it’s the best path for you. 

👀 This is a Level 2 review. Read more about our in-depth course review process.

Proofread Anywhere review: What you need to know

Proofread Anywhere is a training platform that teaches how you can earn extra income by freelancing as a general and transcript proofreader. It’s an incredibly flexible side hustle that allows you to earn money from all over the world, but the course is not perfect. 

Before pulling the trigger, there are some things you should know.

Let’s start by investigating who actually created the program.

If, after reading the review, you decide the course is right for you, scroll to the bottom of this page to get a special sign-up bonus (and a money-saving tip).

Caitlin Pyle review: Who even is this lady?

photo of Caitlin Pyle the founder of Proofread Anywhere course

Meet Caitlin Pyle, the mastermind behind the Proofread Anywhere course. 

Caitlin’s the kind of person who turned a side gig into a full-blown success story. She started out just proofreading for some extra cash. But with a ton of hustle, determination, and trial-and-error — she leveled up her skills and became a pro in her field. 

Now, she’s the go-to source for proofreading and freelancing, teaching others how to break free from the office grind and live life on their terms.

What’s included in Caitlin Pyle’s Proofread Anywhere course?

The course material is broken down into three parts:

  1. General Proofreading Course
  2. Tutors + Workshops
  3. Facebook Community

#1.) General Proofreading Course

Proofread Anywhere gives you a choice between two courses — “General Proofreading: Theory and Practice” and “Transcript Proofreading: Theory and Practice.”

If you’ve never worked as a proofreader before, General Proofreading is a solid training program to help you get off the ground. 

It teaches the ins and outs of proofreading, like how to earn money proofreading books, e-books, magazines, research papers, essays, and of course, court transcripts.  

This course has 13 modules packed with 80+ lessons. The lessons use both video and text to teach you proper grammar and proofreading technique. 

Each lesson has worksheets and downloadable resources for you to practice what you’ve learned. 

Remember, the key to getting good at proofreading is to keep. on. practicing. 

Here’s an example of what lessons look like:

screenshot of Proofread Anywhere course content

Proofread Anywhere also has lessons on how to market your freelance proofreading business. 

This is important. 

Remember, when you’re a proofreader, you’re essentially finding your own clients and running your own business, so you have to be comfortable with marketing yourself. 

Most folks lean toward the General Proofreading course because it’s quicker, not too tech-heavy, and you get to proofread a variety of content. 

But if you want to specialize in Transcript Proofreading, you can make more money. Before diving into this, I recommend taking this free 7-day course that shows you what you’re getting into and some tricks for starting. 

You might be thinking, “What’s the point of transcription services when AI can do that?” 

Proofread Anywhere recognizes that new tech is changing the proofreading and transcribing business, but that doesn’t mean it’s replacing it altogether. 

It’s just changing the workflows, allowing proofreaders to do their job faster. The course recently released a new module showing how to use AI to your advantage, so it’s nice to see they are keeping the course current with technological advances. 

#2.) Tutors + Workshops

If you’re struggling with the course material, you can hire an expert tutor to help bust through any obstacles. 

You can schedule these 1-on-1 sessions anytime you need, but they aren’t free. ($50 per 30 minute session).

screenshot of Proofread Anywhere tutoring sessions

Obviously, giving 1-on-1 tutoring is resource-intensive on their part, so charging for this service is fair. That said, the rates seem too steep, in my opinion. 

If you practice and study hard, it’s unlikely you’ll need a tutor. I mean, we all learned how to proofread when we were kids. We should be able to figure it out as adults, right?

If you aren’t in a rush to speak with a tutor, there are included workshops that you can attend that help you with different parts of your proofreading business.

They’re about 45 minutes long and cover things like money mindset transformation, proofreading Q&A, and the mindset of a professional proofreader. 

#3.) Facebook community

Another reason you probably won’t need to hire a tutor is because of the Facebook community. 

I highly recommend getting involved with the community as you take the course. The more you ask questions, the more you’ll get out of the course. 

Here’s a screenshot of how many posts were added into the community just last month:

screenshot of Proofread Anywhere Facebook group activity

While this Facebook group isn’t as active as we’d like, it is a great resource for those who want to ask a simple question about the course material. 

Proofread Anywhere cons ❌

No guaranteed work. You’ll learn how to land freelance proofreading clients, but there are no guarantees. This is the case with most job trainings. Nobody can guarantee an outcome – all they can do is set you up for success as much as possible.

Tutoring sessions are expensive. I wouldn’t expect 1-on-1 sessions to be free, but they seem overpriced to me. This is a pretty DIY course — the info and tools are there, but don’t expect much hand-holding.

Can be pricey. Investing in Proofread Anywhere isn’t cheap. But the goal is to recoup your costs by landing clients ASAP. You can also save money by using the trick I explain below.

Proofread Anywhere pros ✅

Good return policy. 14-day refund period, no questions asked. This lets you test out the course to make sure it’s right for you. 

Lifetime access and updates. Many courses are moving to subscription models, but Proofread Anywhere gives you lifetime access, including all future course updates. 

Active Facebook group. Tutoring sessions may be expensive, but you can still get help from your peers in the Facebook group. 

Covers proofreading AND business skills. Some other proofreading courses only teach the skill of proofreading, but they don’t show how to actually make it into a business. Proofread Anywhere does both. 

Positive student reviews. As you can see below, most students who’ve taken Proofread Anywhere are happy with their decision. 

Updated lessons on using AI. Caitlyn seems dedicated to staying up-to-date with the latest tech, so you don’t have to worry about being left behind. 

Proofread Anywhere student reviews and testimonials

The proof is in the reviews, and in this case, the reviews are overwhelmingly positive. 

You can find tons of videos of students sharing their experiences on this page.

The course also has 150 reviews and a 4.5 rating on TrustPilot.

screenshot of Proofread Anywhere Trustpilot review
screenshot of Proofread Anywhere Trustpilot review
screenshot of Proofread Anywhere Trustpilot review

The few negative reviews about Proofread Anywhere have to do with not being able to find clients.

These claims could very well be valid. But speaking from experience, finding your first clients takes work and perseverance. And by reading a review, it’s hard to tell how much effort the students actually put into marketing themselves. 

Many new freelancers don’t realize that this is a numbers game. You just need one yes to get your foot in the door. From there, you can leverage your experience and connections into bigger and better opportunities. 

But it’s common to get discouraged and give up too early. And I’m willing to bet some of these students would’ve found success had they stuck with it longer.

TL;DR: Is Proofread Anywhere worth it?

Proofread Anywhere is worth it for anyone determined to earn extra income as a freelance proofreader. 

I’ve personally found the course to be easy to follow. While 1-on-1 tutoring is pricier than I expected, I appreciate that they added it as an option to the DIY course just in case. 

The concepts at the start seemed relatively easy to me, but as I continued with the course, I found that there were a lot of things about English grammar and writing that I just had no idea about. 

For the price, I found this to be one of the most comprehensive and easy-to-follow proofreading courses on the market. 

But it’s not for everyone. 

This course is NOT for you if: 

You’re looking to make a quick buck. It’s not easy work and it takes time, just like anything worthwhile in life. 

You don’t have the budget. This course isn’t cheap, and it doesn’t even include the added cost of getting a website and marketing yourself to potential clients. This is better suited for someone looking to build an EXTRA income stream; not someone hoping it will solve an empty bank account.

You lack of self-discipline. It’s a self-study course, and you have to keep yourself accountable. It requires hours of practice and minimal feedback.

You aren’t fluent/or proficient in English. There’s a ton of grammar and rules involved, and if you’re not confident with your English, you’ll struggle. 

This course is for you if:

You love marketing yourself. You’re going to do well if you like marketing yourself because that’s half the battle. 

You love the English language and grammar. If you have eagle eyes and love hunting for mistakes, you’ll enjoy this. 

You love reading. This is a requirement for a job like this. 

You’re self-motivated. The course is self-paced. Nobody is going to make you practice or market yourself. That’s on you. 

You’re looking for flexible remote work. As a freelancer, you’ll have freedom to work where you want, when you want, and wherever you want. 

Is there a Proofread Anywhere discount code?

In the past, they’ve given out discounts (usually up to 10%) for quick 24-hour deals like Black Friday. But Caitlin made an official statement on the Proofread Anywhere website that they don’t have a habit of regularly offering discount codes.

That said, what I’ve noticed is that random discounts have become a more regular thing, so if you want to be the first to know about it, sign up for their mailing list by joining this free course

Savings trick: When you sign up through the above link, scroll down, and you’ll see a one-time $100 off discount. 

Where can I sign up?

I hope you found my write-up insightful. It took a good chunk of time to put together, so if you found it helpful, decide it’s for you, and want to say, “Thanks, Mitch!” — I’d be thrilled if you purchased it using my affiliate link button below (at no extra charge to you). I’ll even send you an extra bonus (see below).

Either way, if proofreading sounds like your jam, Proofread Anywhere is the fastest and most convenient training to make it into a business.

If you purchase using my affiliate link above, I’ll throw in my bonus Work from Anywhere Toolkit ($25 value). This mega-resource is packed with 200+ tools that’ll make every aspect of your travel lifestyle easier. Best of all, most of these tools are free (or super cheap)!

Just forward me a copy of your receipt (use subject line: PROOFREAD ANYWHERE), and I’ll give you access to the toolkit.

work from anywhere toolkit book mockup

Proofread Anywhere Alternatives

The most popular Proofread Anywhere alternative is Knowadays, which is similarly priced. 

After diving into both courses, I found each option to have different strengths. 

Both are great courses, so the right course for you really depends on what you’re looking for. 

Knowadays includes tutoring and offers guaranteed job placement, while Proofread Anywhere does not. 

On the other hand, Proofread Anywhere has a more active community and does a better job of teaching you how to find your own jobs. 

It’s kinda like the difference between giving someone a fish, or teaching them HOW to fish. I personally prefer the later, but in the end, it comes down to your priorities.

If you want the security of having a job lined up after graduating (even if it’s just an entry-level job), go with Knowadays

But if you want a slightly more comprehensive training on how to find your own jobs, go with Proofread Anywhere

If you’re still undecided, you can also take Proofread Anywhere’s free course to get a better feel for the teaching style. (When you take the free course, you also get offered a limited time $100 discount). You can also check out my full Proofread Anywhere review for a closer look at the course.



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