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Marketplace Superheroes Review (Ignite) – Worth the Cost?

UPDATE: The Ignite course — which teaches the private label Amazon FBA business model — is being discontinued. Please see my new Marketplace Superheroes review, which looks at their updated training program called Accelerate.

The Accelerate program focuses on wholesaling, which is an entirely different Amazon business model that is more beginner-friendly and requires less investment to start.

If your heart is dead set on private labeling your own products, check out my Freedom Ticket review instead — this course is included for free when you sign up for Helium 10 (here’s a discount).

Searching for honest Marketplace Superheroes reviews?

If so, you’re in luck.

I dissected the ENTIRE Ignite course with a fine-tooth comb, and in this review, I spill the beans.

We’ll look at:

#1.) A super-secret peek inside the program to see what it’s actually like.
#2.) My brutally honest opinion of the course.
#3.) Who it’s for, and who should skip it.

My goal is to show you what the course is like — including its strengths and weaknesses — to help you determine if it’s a good fit.

The decision to invest in a training program can be nerve-wracking. I’ve been there. Nobody wants to make the wrong decision, and I hope that this little research project of mine helps you choose the right path.

That said, this Marketplace Superheroes review did take roughly a jillion hours to put together. So if you find it helpful and decide the course is for you, feel free to say “Thanks, Mitch!” by purchasing through my affiliate link at no extra cost to you.

Alrighty, let’s jump in! 

Psst! If you’re still unsure after reading this brutally honest review, check out this free Amazon masterclass to test out the waters. Even if you decide not to buy the full program, you’ll still pick up some gold nuggets.

👀 This is a Level 3 review. Read more about our in-depth course review process.

TL;DR – Is Marketplace Superheroes worth it?

While not perfect, the Marketplace Superheroes Ignite program includes everything you need to start a successful Amazon FBA business with private-label products.

They’ve broken success down into a science. It’s thousands of dollars cheaper than top competing training programs, and their generous three-part guarantee and free 7-day trial let you try it before you buy it. 

That said, this business model as a whole requires a lot of front-loaded effort (and investment) before you start to see results.

If you’re prepared to take action and put in that effort, Marketplace Superheroes teaches you everything you need to know. If you’re looking for overnight riches, save your money.

Success is not guaranteed. And some (unverified) students complain that all the upsells to maintain your business can be prohibitively expensive.

To help decide for yourself, check out my sneak peek video below to give you a clearer idea of what the program is actually like.

I have yet to find another Marketplace Superheroes course review that offers this level of behind-the-scenes insights. 😎

If, after reading the review, you decide the course is right for you, scroll to the bottom of this page to get a special sign-up bonus (and a money-saving tip).

Alrighty then! On to the nitty-gritties!

Before I give you a sneak peek of the course, let’s set a quick foundation…

Who are Marketplace Superheroes?

The original Marketplace Superheroes are co-founders Stephan Somers and Robert Rickey — a dynamic Irish duo that built a 7-figure Amazon business in less than 12 months (now 8-figures). 

pic of marketplace superheroes founders

Using their 25 years of combined Amazon experience, they’ve broken down their strategy into a step-by-step framework used by over 10,000 students. 

Inside Look at the Marketplace Superheroes Course

Alrighty, now for a behind-the-scenes look at the course itself…

I’ve sprinkled screenshots throughout this guide to give you an inside look at the course. But for an even better idea of what to expect, check out this video review.

What’s Included In The Course

If you skipped the video above, here’s a recap of everything that’s included in the Ignite program.

There is a LOT of content, so I’ve broken everything down into five main parts:

  1. The Main Ignite Course
  2. The Bonus Content
  3. The EcoSystem Research Tool Suite
  4. The Facebook Mastermind Group
  5. The Support

In this section, I’ll give an objective overview of everything, trying to keep my opinions to myself. Later, I’ll let loose with what I did and did not like.

#1.) The Main MPSH Ignite Course

screenshot of marketplace superheroes ignite course phases

The Ignite course is broken into three phases:

#1.) Embark (research and product selection)
#2.) Evolve (importing and logistics)
#3.) Expand (first sales and scaling)

Each phase is broken down into modules, then sections, then individual videos and assessments.

All these divisions may seem over-the-top, but they help keep things organized. Without them, it’d be like drinking from a firehose. Baby steps, my friend.

Most videos are either (1) screen recordings that show how to do things, or (2) narrated PowerPoint presentations. 

screenshot of one of the marketplace superheroes video lessons

For a deeper look at what is covered in each section, see my video review above. 

There are regular quizzes and action steps scattered through the modules to test your knowledge. This helps solidify things to determine if you’re ready to move on. Many of the ideas build upon one another, so it’s important to have a firm grasp of everything as you move through the course. 

#2.) The Bonus Content

Think of the Ignite phases as your foundation. The bonus content includes additional mini-courses to take that foundational knowledge to the next level.

screenshot of marketplace superheroes bonuses

Bonus products include:

Superhero Legal 2.0: Entire mini-course on everything you know about the legal side of things. It’s tempting to brush over this stuff because it’s not sexy. But it’s SUPER DUPER important. This is the info I lacked that caused my business to crash and burn back in the day.

Superhero Informer: This is just a way to get notified when they drop new Youtube videos, which can be a great way to see what’s working for other successful sellers. 

Superhero Referrals: Videos on how to earn referral commissions by creating course reviews and promoting their program. This is a double-edged sword. On one hand, if you make a couple referrals, you could recoup the cost of the program. On the other hand, it means many of the reviews you’re reading right now are incentivized (including this one). So when making your decision, tuck that tidbit in the back of your head.

Superhero PPC: Advanced training on pay-per-click ads. 

100 Products in 7 Days: Tricks and shortcuts to speed up the product research process (with over-the-shoulder examples).

Superhero Wealth: Course on how to develop the mindset of a successful entrepreneur. Mindset training might sound a little woo-woo hypey, but sometimes just a little shift in the way you think can open up whole new worlds of opportunity. I’d actually recommend taking this course before you start the main Ignite course.

PPC Blast Masterclass: More pay-per-click ads training. The cool thing about all this PPC training is it’ll turn you into an expert. If you ever need extra cash flow, you could offer freelance PPC services to other sellers. 

There are also a bunch of other bonuses they sprinkle in from time to time. These are subject to change, but here are a few examples:

  • Free copywriting services for your first product listing
  • Free shipping for your first two products from the Far East to their hubs in the UK or USA
  • 12 month’s access to their private freight services

As you can see, these bonuses are worth a pretty penny. Free shipping for two products and 12 months of freight services are worth more than the cost of the course itself.

#3.) The EcoSystem Research Tool Suite

The “EcoSystem” is a suite of software applications that streamlines many aspects of your business.

You get lifetime access to this software, which is also worth several hundred dollars (at the very least).

gif showing marketplace superheroes ecosystem

Some of the main applications in the EcoSystem are:

Research app: Database where you can store, sort, and filter through all the products you’re researching. 

Communicator app: Keep all your threads of communication with different suppliers in one place.

Profit calculator app: Plug in different variables and instantly see how profitable a product idea will be.

Purchase order app: Create purchase orders lickety-split and keep everything organized.

Superhero freight app: Manage your Superhero freight — MPSH’s exclusive service that handles freight forwarding, importing, and storage. 

Listing builder app: Plan out your product listings, keywords, and PPC plan of attack.

These apps will make life SO much easier. I remember when I started my FBA business, I filled up an entire notebook of chicken scratch. I could never find what I needed, and it made everything 10x more stressful than it needed to be. (I still have that notebook, and I cringe every time I see it).

The EcoSystem turns your business into a well-oiled machine.

#4.) The Facebook Mastermind Group

Many courses just tack on a Facebook Group as a bonus, but once you get in, you realize it totally sucks. Nobody helps each other. Or if they do, it’s all newbies — the blind leading the blind.

I was pleased to see the MPSH Facebook group is NOT just a marketing ploy afterthought.

At the time of writing, there are over 8,900 members with 13 new posts today, and 328 in the last month.

screenshot of activity in marketplace superheroes facebook page

That’s pretty active. If you have a question, you get near-instant help.

And it’s not just newbies fumbling around in the dark together. When you post a question, their coaches answer (and usually some other successful students as well).

screenshot showing someone asking for help in marketplace superheroes facebook group

When I first popped into the group, I didn’t have to search long before seeing what students really thought of the course:

screenshot of marketplace superheroes reviews in facebook group

This is just a teensy sample. The group is like a loyal family. Everyone wants to see each other succeed.

That said, there is one red flag.

I’ve heard from students (or people claiming to be students, it’s hard to tell the difference sometimes) that the Facebook group is strictly censored and that admins delete negative comments.

I don’t have first-hand experience with this, but it’s something you might want to keep in mind.

#5.) The Support

In addition to the easy-access support in the Facebook group, you also get a bunch of other hand-holding (if you take advantage of it).

This includes a free one-on-one onboarding call with an MPSH success coach. They’ll answer any lingering questions you have, help you set up your business entity and business banking, and set you off on the right path.

Then there are Weekly Win Your Wednesday live calls. Each week, they cover a different topic, talk about trends, and talk shop about new strategies and opportunities.

These calls help you stay fired up about your business and catch you up with the latest Amazon news and tips. 

screenshot of marketplace superheroes win your wednesday call

Next, you’ve got the Monthly Origin Experience calls, where you can ask questions and get live help from a panel of success coaches. 

Finally, if you’re still stuck after all these other support options, you can set up a private call with a success coach to break through any stubborn barriers. There are no limits to these calls.

This is not one of those courses where they send you some videos, throw you to the wolves, and say, “Good luck!” 


With all of these support options, you shouldn’t ever feel lost.

What MPSH is NOT

Purchasing MPSH will not make you a millionaire overnight. You won’t create a six-figure business within a month. And don’t plan on quitting your day job next week.

Yes, the framework they teach guides you through the process step by step. But it takes time and hard work. 

It doesn’t matter how good a course is — if you just blast through the content without taking action, you won’t get anywhere. You can’t just tinker around for a week and expect a six-figure business to magically appear out of thin air.

Here’s something important I noticed:

Their marketing material is carefully written. All the claims are true. BUT depending on how you read them, you could get the wrong idea and form unrealistic expectations.

For example, here is a screenshot of one of their free masterclass landing pages:

marketplace superheroes free course landing page screenshot

Be careful when reading claims like these.

Theoretically, this business model can easily make you $10,000+ per month, even if you’re starting with no experience.

That doesn’t mean it doesn’t require hard work, investment, and risk to get to that point.

Theoretically, you can “START” finding money-making products on Amazon in less than 10 minutes that you can profit from for years.

That doesn’t mean the entire process takes 10 minutes.

I don’t blame them for writing this way. It’s normal in the marketing world. Just like any company, they want you to get excited about their product (which could change your life). But they won’t be able to help change your life if their marketing doesn’t grab your attention.

Anywho, it’s important to keep these things in mind when setting your expectations. 

Marketplace Superheroes Review: Pros and Cons

My MPSH Complaints

If you’ve seen any of my past reviews for other courses, you know that I don’t hold back about what I don’t like.

Dry videos. Some videos are just him reading text from the slideshows. That said, it’s the content itself that counts, and the content is gold. To be clear, there are also over-the-shoulder screen recording videos that show how to do things on Amazon and the EcoSystem, which are super helpful. 

Could improve explanations. Some concepts and calculations are much easier to understand visually — especially for visual learners. As mentioned, many videos are just slideshows with text. It’d be easier to understand if they utilized images and graphics to help explain things. It still makes sense, but there were times when I had to pause the video to take notes and let the info sink in.

Lack of video supplemental material. Some videos show spreadsheets, lists, and other useful reference material. But I didn’t see any way to download them individually for future reference. Having this option would make it much easier to quickly review the material.

Requires investment. You will need roughly $1500 to $3000 for your initial test order (according to them). They also offer upsells to help you set up and maintain your business. This is meant to make things easier for you, but some students say it’s overpriced.

This isn’t really a con of the course itself — after all, most businesses require some sort of initial investment — but it’s more of an investment than some other side hustle ideas. That said, if they stand by their guarantee, you don’t risk losing this initial investment. Either (1) the test is successful and you make a profit, or (2) your product doesn’t sell well, and MPSH buys back your inventory.

Also, it’s worth doing some price shopping with other vendors to see if the rumors of overpriced upsells are true.

Amazon-dependency. This is another con to the business model itself, not the course. You are building your entire livelihood on the Amazon platform. If they decide to shut your account down for some reason, you’re screwed. If Chinese sellers knock off your product and undercut you, you’re in for a headache. This is a solid business model, but there are definite risks.

What I DID like

Insane guarantees. Their three-part guarantee essentially removes all risk, making this a no-brainer decision. (1) 30-day, no-questions-asked refund period. (2) They’ll give you a winning product idea if you can’t find one in 60 days. (3) They’ll buy back your inventory if you follow the program and your product still isn’t selling well after 6 months. You’d be hard-pressed to find another program that backs up what they teach to this degree.

EcoSystem access. Lifetime access to this type of software is probably worth more than the price you pay for the course.

Extra services. Speaking from experience, one of the hardest parts of starting an Amazon business by yourself is finding, negotiating with, and managing different service providers around the world. With MPSH, you don’t have to do any of that. They can hook you up with pretty much anything you need — from freight forwarding to warehouses to legal services. (Again, make sure to price shop to see if it makes sense). 

Smooth onboarding process. Two of the biggest initial stumbling blocks are setting up your business entity and global banking. During your 1-on-1 onboarding call, they guide you through this process, clearing the way so you can start earning as quickly as possible. 

Easy access to help. It sucks trying to figure out a new business alone. Instead of stumbling around blindly, you have near-instant access to support for any question that crops up along your journey — a hyper-active FB group, Win Your Wednesday calls, and monthly Q&A calls. 

Over-the-shoulder videos. The course doesn’t just teach theory. They have several hours of practical over-the-shoulder videos, allowing you to get inside the mind of an expert as they show real examples and research real products. 

The Verdict: Is MPSH Ignite worth it?

Marketplace Superheroes is the best Amazon FBA training program at this price point. It gives you a proven framework, plus access to tools that accelerate the process. And with their insane guarantees, it reduces a lot of your risk.

That said, is it perfect?

No, it’s not. I have yet to find a “perfect” course.

MPSH has all the information you need to succeed, but some of that information could be presented in more engaging ways.

This business model also requires hustle and — due to the investment required — is inherently risky. If you get stuck in “content consumption mode” and never take action, no training program in the world is going to help you get results. 

You get out what you put in. And if you go all-in with MPSH, you won’t be disappointed.

Again, if you’re still on the fence about whether or not Amazon is the right business model for you, you can dip your toes in the water with their free Amazon masterclass.

screenshot of marketplace superheroes webinar sign up

This will give you some gold nuggets and point you in the right direction. From there, you’ll be better equipped to decide on your next steps. 

Marketplace Superheroes Ignite success stories

Whenever I’m unsure if a course is worth buying, I like to see if I can find any successful student case studies.

I realize that it doesn’t guarantee anything, but it makes me think…if all these people figured it out, I bet I can too.

Fortunately, the Ignite program has no shortage of success stories. You can watch tons of video case studies from MPSH students who followed MPSH to build 5- and 6-figure Amazon businesses.

screenshot of marketplace superheroes success stories
Here’s just a tiny taste of the case studies.

There’s also a long list of screenshots of students sharing their results in the Facebook group.

If you’re ever wondering whether Amazon FBA is worth it still, these videos can show what’s possible (although I’d focus on the most recent ones since the landscape has changed over the years).

Where Can I Sign Up?

Money-saving tip: If money is tight and you’re not in a rush to get started, you can wait for the program to go on sale. To get notified, join their email newsletter by registering for their free course.

There’s no saying when the next sale will be, so you might have to be patient. But better late than never, right?

If you’re itching to start your Amazon business ASAP, MPSH is currently running a 7-day free trial offer through my affiliate link button below.

That means you can explore the course and test everything out for an entire week before your card is charged. Talk about confidence.

If you purchase using my affiliate link above, I’ll throw in my bonus Work from Anywhere Toolkit ($25 value). This mega-resource is packed with 200+ tools that’ll make every aspect of your travel lifestyle easier. Best of all, most of these tools are free (or super cheap)!

Just forward me a copy of your receipt (use subject line: MARKETPLACE SUPERHEROES), and I’ll give you access to the toolkit.

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