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HONEST Virtual Savvy Review: Is Savvy System Legit? [2024]

Virtual Savvy

Teaches you how to start a successful virtual assistant business in a month and then scale it to $10K per month.

💰  Cost

$1,497 for the Pro and $2,997 for the Ultimate.

💚  The Good

Detailed course with program tutorials, contracts, templates, and step-by-step guide to starting and scaling a profitable VA business.

💔  The Bad

More expensive than alternatives and can be more content than you actually need.

  What We Think

Most in-depth and resource-packed VA course in the market – and the price reflects it.

Looking for Virtual Savvy reviews from people who have actually taken the course?

Well, you’re in the right place.

I just blasted through Abbey Ashley’s Virtual Savvy course (which is humungous, btw), and in this review, I give it to you straight.

We’ll cover:

#1.) A super-secret peek inside the program to show what it’s actually like.
#2.) My brutally honest opinion of the course after immersing myself in Savvy System.
#3.) Who it’s for, and who should skip it.

The decision to invest in a training program can be nerve-wracking. I’ve been there.

Nobody wants to make the wrong decision, and I hope that this little research project of mine helps you choose the right path.

Alrighty, let’s jump in! 

Psst! If you’re still unsure after watching me pick apart the course in this Savvy System review, check out this free VA workshop by Abbey to test out the waters. Even if you decide to skip the full program, this info will help you start.

👀 This is a Level 3 review. Read more about our in-depth course review process.

Who is reviewing this course?

Before diving in, you might be wondering — who is this Mitch guy, and why should I trust his opinion?

Well, without tooting my horn too hard:

  • I’ve helped hundreds (if not thousands) of digital nomads and solopreneurs choose an online business they can do from home or traveling the world — partly through my email newsletter, and partly through consulting.
  • While building multiple online businesses of my own, I’ve spent a buttload of money on a buttload of courses.
  • I am completely fed up with people posting course reviews online for courses they haven’t even taken. Like, seriously? How can someone recommend such a big investment without even going through the material themselves? It grinds my gears, and it’s pretty obvious when you see them (no evidence of first-hand experience, rehashing generic info from sales page, etc).
  • So, I decided to start taking the most popular courses myself, one by one, to find which are truly the best. As you can imagine, this is no small feat.

This Savvy System course review is not meant to push you towards any certain program. It’s meant to give you an “insider look”, so you can make the best decision for yourself.  

TL;DR – Is Virtual Savvy legit?

The Virtual Savvy course (called the Savvy System) teaches you everything you need to launch a profitable virtual assistant business within 30 days. From there, it guides you through the process of polishing your business and scaling to $10K per month. 

And when I say it teaches you everything, I mean everything

From lasering in on a niche and finding a steady flow of clients, all the way down to the nitty-gritty details of bookkeeping, taxes, mindset, and subcontracting. 

That said, do you need the Savvy System to become a VA?

Of course not. 

Most people who have actually taken the course (myself included) believe that it’s a huge shortcut and a worthwhile investment. But it’s certainly not a requirement.

If your bank account is struggle-busing, there’s nothing wrong with spending extra time puzzle-piecing together a strategy from random internet advice.

There’s no shame in that.

But if you can afford to invest in yourself — which she makes easier with her payment plans — your future self will thank you. 

If you’re brand new (or not earning as much as you’d like), it’ll help you start earning more, faster.

You’ll not only recoup your costs faster, but it’ll also make you feel legit

By the time you’re finished, you’ll have a polished, organized business system and won’t feel like a fraud who has to “fake it ‘til you make it”. 

You’ll know exactly how much you’re worth, and potential clients will see this.

That said, before deciding, check out my sneak peek video below where I break down the course and share some important pros and cons. 

If, after reading the review, you decide the course is right for you, scroll to the bottom of this page to get a special sign-up bonus.

What is the Virtual Savvy? (Inside look) 

Alrighty, now for a behind-the-scenes look at the course itself…

I’ve sprinkled screenshots throughout this guide to give you an idea of what the course is like. But for an even clearer picture of what to expect, check out this video review:

What’s included in the course

If you skipped the video above, here’s a recap of everything that’s included in Savvy System Pro.

There is a LOT of content, so I’ve broken everything down into three main parts:

  1. The SavvySystem course
  2. The Bonuses
  3. The SavvySystem community

In this section, I’ll give a quick objective overview of everything, trying to keep my opinions out of it. Later in the review, I’ll share my likes and dislikes.

#1.) The SavvySystem course

I won’t get too far into the weeds here because all of the nitty-gritty details can be found on the SavvySystem sales page.

Basically, the course is broken up into 3 phases — Launch, Grow, and Scale.

Each of these phases is further divided into Modules and Lessons. 

Each lesson has:

  • A video.
  • A text summary of what the video covers.
  • Resources the video mentions.
  • An action step to move your business forward.
  • Free templates, spreadsheets, and other handy tools that you can plug-and-play into your system.
screenshot of Virtual Savvy lesson

The course is unique in that they have a bunch of extras to help you stay motivated and on track. 

For example, they have “pace calendars” that show exactly what you should do each day based on how fast you want to launch.

There’s also a game board and milestones you hit along your journey through the course. When you hit these milestones, they send you rewards and prizes. 

#2.) The Bonuses

Again, this is all on the sales page, and the point of this SavvySystem review is to give you extra insights from actually experiencing the program. 

screenshot of the virtual savvy bonuses the come with the savvysystem course

So I’ll just give a quick recap. 

  • VA Toolbox. Contracts and portfolio templates mentioned in the course.
  • VA Template Vault. All the templates, calculators, spreadsheets, etc. in one place
  • Proposals That Win. Extra masterclass taught by a 6-figure VA coach on how to create proposals that’ll make clients drool over you.
  • Unlimited proposal and portfolio reviews. Get personalized feedback before sending out job proposals to clients. 
  • Website reviews. Get feedback on your website so it’s optimized for impressing potential clients and closing deals. 
  • Deep Dive Archives. Recordings of deep-dive teachings they do each month on different VA and entrepreneurship topics. 
  • Hotseat Archives. Monthly hotseat recordings with Savvy members. You can apply to have your own free live coaching call with Abbey, or you can learn a ton from the calls of other Savvy virtual assistants.
  • Mega Crazy Swipe File. Bank of checklists, ideas, workbooks, and guides that will help you set up your virtual assistant business.
  • Random extra trainings and mini-courses. These include things like LinkedIn, Facebook for Conversions, Canva, Elementor, Taxes, WordPress, Squarespace, Proposals That Win, Mock Discovery Calls, and special marketing tips for introverts. 
  • Weekend bonuses. Even more extra trainings and resources including social media content calendars, productivity hacks, Trello training, tips for different personalities, etc.

If we’re being completely honest, the number of bonuses is a bit overwhelming in my opinion (more on that later). 

#3.) The Savvy System community (AKA Facebook group)

The Savvy System community is full of cool stuff. 

  • Exclusive virtual assistant job opportunities not found anywhere else (many find their first VA gigs here).
  • Weekly live calls for accountability and coaching where you can get personalized help.
  • Active group of supportive VAs who have “been there, done that” and are happy to answer doubts you run into. 

Unlike a lot of courses that tack on useless FB groups, this one is pretty poppin’:

screenshot of savvysystem community facebook group activity

The best part is, you get lifetime access to the community — including job listings, live support, and new trainings.

This isn’t the case with most other VA course communities, which require an extra paid membership. So while other VA courses may have a lower base price, if you know you’ll want to keep the perks that come with the community (live help, job opportunities, etc), then be sure to factor that in when comparing prices.

Virtual Savvy Review: Pros and Cons

My SavvySystem Complaints

Here’s what I thought was kinda meh about the course. 

It’s not exactly cheap. SavvySystem is one of the most expensive VA courses I’ve reviewed. That said, you get what you pay for. Unlike other courses, SavvySystem gives LIFETIME support and community access. 

Several other courses have cheaper initial costs, but if you want to stay in the community to have access to all the job opportunities, live support calls, and new training material, then you’ll eventually need to fork over a monthly membership. That means these other “cheaper” courses could become more expensive in the long run. 

Limited tech skills training. You get some basic tech skills training in the bonus videos, but the SavvySystem focuses on using skills you already have to launch your business. They have a separate product called “SavvyVault” which includes a ginormous bank of 80+ special skills training material.

So, when you’re ready to specialize with higher-paying skills, you’ll have to pay a bit extra. Fortunately, the SavvyVault is only $37/month for SavvySystem students, so you could essentially pay for one month, learn everything you want to learn, then cancel.

In the grand scheme of things, you’re only paying a tiny bit if you only use it for a month. But other VA courses include some special skills training within their main course (albeit not as comprehensively as the SavvyVault). 

Tiny screenshares. This is a little picky. But you can tell she recorded some of the screenshare videos using a giant computer monitor. That means when you’re watching on a small 13” Macbook screen (like me), things look super tiny. That said, not every video is like this, and it’s still readable. 

screenshot of savvysystem course review
Here’s what the screenshare videos looked like on my small Macbook. Still readable, but lots of wasted space.

Organization of bonuses. The main SavvySystem course is super organized and easy to follow. But the bonus section is a mess. It would be way easier to follow if she just incorporated the bonuses into the appropriate section of the main course (instead of having a jillion separate bonuses). 

As you can see, I’m getting nit-picky here. None of these things will affect your ability to become a VA. But they are ways the course could be improved. 

What I DID like

Makes you feel legit. When you use their Trello boards, templates, contracts, spreadsheets, calculators, etc. to create the systems in your VA business, you feel like a “real” professional (vs. someone who’s just winging it and hoping for the best). Potential clients will sense this professionalism as well. 

Exclusive job opportunities. If you’re worried about struggling to land your first clients, the Savvy System Facebook group posts VA opportunities that are only available to Savvy virtual assistants. 

Busy-people friendly. She created “pace plans” you can choose from based on how busy you are. So whether you only have one spare hour per day or want to dive in full-time, you can stay on track. 

Not overly girly. For all you aspiring male VAs out there, know that some VA courses (see my 90 Day VA review, for example) are pretty over-the-top feminine, meaning some men might feel out of place. SavvySystem students are also mostly women, but the course itself feels more neutral. 

New monthly videos. A steady stream of fresh content means you don’t have to worry about using out-of-date strategies.

Launch, then grow. The idea is to get you launched and earning money ASAP with skills you already have. IMO, this is more effective than overloading you with new “advanced” skills before you ever make a penny. Once you establish a steady income, then you can shift into those higher-paying skills.

It’s fun. Abbey “gametized” the course with milestones and a gameboard. You win actual rewards and prizes for hitting milestones with your business. (They’ll send them to you in the mail.)

Literally covers everything. She leaves no stone unturned. SS also covers some important details that other courses skim over regarding legal stuff. I also loved the super in-depth Discovery Call trainings, which is a stumbling block for many new VAs. 

Strong guarantee. SavvySystem offers the best guarantee/refund policy out of all VA courses I’ve reviewed. You get 30 days to test it out and decide it’s right for you, which pretty much eliminates any risk on your part. Other courses have short refund periods or require you to jump through hoops to qualify. 

The last thing that stands out about Virtual Savvy is the Scaling phase. 

This is for people who want to take their income to the next level by building a team of subcontractors and outsourcing their work.

I can’t get over how cool virtual assistance is as a career path. You won’t be stuck organizing email inboxes forever — there are SO many opportunities for growth and specialization.

No matter your interests, there’s a path for everyone.  

But is becoming a Savvy virtual assistant really right for you?

This course is NOT right for everyone. Plain and simple.

It is not for you if…

  • You don’t have a decent grasp of English (you don’t have to be fluent though).
  • You aren’t willing or able to dedicate at least 5 hours a week to grow your biz.
  • You expect to magically become a top-paid VA overnight.

It’s also worth mentioning that there are certain parts of the course that is specifically for US citizens (like the legal and business structure stuff).

If you’re not a US citizen, I’d say the course will get you 90% of the way. After that, you’ll probably have to do some Googling for country-specific legal info (she provides extra resources for a handful of countries). 

It is for you if…

If you are willing to follow every step of the course and TAKE ACTION, then it will help you become a higher-paid VA, faster. 

It’s essentially a paid shortcut. Put simply, the time you save getting off the ground is worth far more than the cost of the course. (And if you happen to disagree — which I almost guarantee you won’t — simply ask for a refund within 30 days.) 

It’s a big decision, I know. And if you’re still unsure, I recommend dipping your toes in the water with her free VA masterclass.

This will help give you clarity on your next steps. 

Savvy System vs 90 Day VA (and other VA courses)

The SavvySystem and 90 Day VA cover a lot of the same information and both offer live support, but there are some differences:


👉 Focuses on skills you already have, limited advanced skills training (unless you join SavvyVault)
👉 More gender-neutral vibe
👉 Higher initial price
👉 Free lifetime access to support, community, job offers, etc.
👉 Free lifetime portfolio and proposal reviews

90 Day VA

👉 Includes (temporary) advanced skills training including content repurposing, AI, podcast management, basic video editing, and more
👉 Strong female vibe
👉 Lower initial price
👉 Limited access to community benefits, then additional subscription payments
👉 Optional portfolio coaching (for additional cost)

They are both great programs, and you can’t go wrong with either. At the end of the day, it comes down to:

  1. How much support you need. 
  2. Which vibe you resonate with more.

If you’re a DIY woman who never asks for help and likes to solve problems alone, then 90 Day VA might be right up your alley. (Maybe the month of included support is more than enough for you). 

But if you feel peace knowing you’ll always have experts in your corner, a steady flow of job opportunities, and regular updates with new tips and tricks…then SavvySystem will do the trick (and will likely save you money over the long run). 

For a more detailed breakdown, check out my full comparison of the best online VA training programs.

Where can I sign up?

I hope that by taking the time to actually go through the course, I was able to give you helpful insights not found elsewhere online. 

If you found it helpful and want to say, “Thanks, Mitch!”— I’d be thrilled if you purchased using my affiliate link button below (at no extra charge to you). 

This helps support our site as well as GiveWell charities. 

If you purchase using my affiliate link above, I’ll throw in my bonus Work from Anywhere Toolkit ($25 value). This mega-resource is packed with 200+ free (or very cheap) tools to help automate your business (and even do it while traveling the world).

work from anywhere toolkit book mockup

Just forward me a copy of your receipt and I’ll give you access to the toolkit.

How much does Virtual Savvy cost?

This was a review of Savvy System PRO. 

There are also two other options — Savvy System Lite and Savvy System Ultimate. 

The cost for Virtual Savvy depends on which tier you choose. 

  • Lite ($997 or $97 monthly payments): DIY version. Course material only, no support.
  • Pro ($1497 or $147 monthly payments): SavvySystem course + lifetime support
  • Ultimate ($2997 or $297 monthly payments): SavvySystem course + lifetime support + lifetime access to SavvyVault (80+ tech skill training courses).

Now, I’m not your mom, so I’m not going to tell you what to do…

…but if it were me, I’d go with Pro. Then, if I wanted to learn a specialized skill, I’d sign up for a one-month subscription of SavvyVault ($37 with student discount).

IMO, purchasing the Ultimate plan seems like a bit of overkill (but again, I’m not your mom. It’s your call!)

Is there a Savvy System coupon code?

Unfortunately, there is no coupon code. 

And since each month she adds more content and value to the course, I’m willing to bet prices will trend upward in the future. 

However, if you sign up for her free workshop, you’ll be automatically added to her email newsletter. She may offer sales to her email subscribers in the future, but there are no guarantees.

Virtual Savvy alternatives

Savvy System is the most comprehensive VA course in town (in my opinion), but it’s also the most expensive.

And if you don’t need quite as much hand-holding, a more affordable course could lead to the same results.

I created a detailed list of all the best virtual assistant courses.

But here’s a quick summary of other popular options:

👉 90 Day VA. Mid-range budget, strong girly vibes (read full 90 Day VA review).

👉 Virtual Excellence Academy. Mid-range budget, diversity/inclusive vibes (read full Virtual Excellence Academy review).

👉 Fully Booked VA. Mid-range budget, includes specialization trainings (read full Fully Booked VA review).

Before diving into any one course, you may want to take the “free intro courses” tied to each program. You can find these free courses using the links above.

That way, you can get a feel for the different teaching styles and overall energy of each program (because they are VERY different).

I’ve gone through every single one of these courses, and they are all top-notch. So I recommend choosing whichever one best fits your budget and vibe.

March 13, 2024


I took this course on a whim because I really did not want to go back to traditional work after the pandemic. It was the best decision of my life. I worked really hard, but the course materials and trainings, templates and community helped me get my first client within 2 weeks. That client led to many referrals to a now blossoming VA/online entrepreneur career. 
The best thing for me were the step by step to creating a portfolio, I didn't realize I had so many skills I could offer until it was laid out in front of me. Additionally, the job board in the community is incredible and has so many work opportunities for people just starting out. It's a great way to get your foot in the door. 

Pros and Cons

A ton of job opportunities in the communityEasy to implement training with resourcesEasy to implement training with resources
It is a bit on the pricer side, but I still think it's worth the money.
Effort put into course
Value For Money

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