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10 Best SMALL Travel Gifts Under $10 (For the Cheapos)

10 Best SMALL Travel Gifts Under $10 (For the Cheapos)

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So, you need to find a gift for someone who loves to travel.

The problem is, you either…

A) Are strapped for cash, or

B) Simply don’t like the person that much

Whatever the case, I got your back.

Here are are some rock-solid small travel gift ideas that’ll run you less than $10 (but are still super useful!)

Find a few extra bucks in the couch cushions? Here a a bunch more travel gift ideas that didn’t quite meet the $10 cut-off.

Top 10 Small Travel Gifts Under $10

You’re definitely not gonna break the bank with these gifts. It’s the thought that counts though…right? 😉

#1.) TSA Combination Locks

Travelers can never have enough of these bad boys (especially if you’re a nice person like me and lend them out to others, only to have them disappear).

I recommend every traveler have at least one normal-sized padlock and 3 small TSA bag locks. That way you’ll have one for your locker, one for your bag, and an extra for when one goes missing. If you’re looking for some cheap travel gifts, pick up a couple of these.

#2.) Digital Hanging Luggage Scale

Nobody likes getting hit with ridiculous “overweight baggage fees” for accidentally packing one too many pairs of shoes. It’s a sucky way to start a trip. 

That’s why, as far as small travel gifts go, this one can save them LOTS of money. It’s compact, lightweight, and it’ll give your traveler peace of mind whenever they need to catch a flight.

#3.) Bag of Earplugs

Super Cheap. Extremely effective. Easily lost.

A bag of these earplugs might not be the sexiest travel gift in the world. But when the time comes to use them, your traveler will be thankful. 

These tend to either get lost or gunked up with nasty ear wax fairly quickly (or is it just me with the overactive wax glands?), so make sure to buy a bunch.

#4.) Floating Waterproof Phone Pouch

These floating phone pouches come in handy ALL the time…especially if you don’t have a fancy waterproof phone (or would rather not test out it’s supposed waterproofness).

This might be a small travel gift, but it gives huge peace of mind. Armed with one of these bad boys, your traveler won’t have to leave their phone hidden in their towel at the beach, praying nobody walks away with it while they’re out taking a dip.

#5.) Waterproof Pocket Notebooks

These pocket notebooks are a cheap travel gift your traveler can use to take notes on interesting things they learn on tours. They’re also handy to carry around everywhere to jot down small things they see, think, or feel while they’re out exploring.

Yes, they could just use their phone to take notes. But there’s just something special about putting pen to paper when it comes to recording memories (plus, sometimes strolling around showing off your fancy smartphone isn’t the best idea).

#6.) Headphone Splitter

Sometimes you’re traveling with a buddy, and you wanna listen to some tunes. But—UH OH!—Your unprepared buddy doesn’t have any tunes. And you feel rude about listening to your tunes while buddy sits bored and tunes-less.

What a horrible, awkward situation, right?

Luckily, you’ll traveler won’t ever have to experience it…because you bought them headphone splitters!

#7.) Super-Duper Strong Bug Spray

In Guatemala, I got infected with Chikungunya. That shiz is the worst!

Now I don’t eff around with skeeters. 

This 100% DEET mosquito spray is my new preferred method to combat evil mosquitoes, and it’s a cheap gift for travelers who plan to be in jungly areas (or anywhere with lots of disease-carrying bugs). 

WARNING: This stuff is strong. You don’t need to use very much.

#8.) Minimalist Keychain Multitool

If you’re looking for small travel gifts that pack a big punch, this tiny, TSA-friendly multitool won’t disappoint.

It includes a carabiner, bottle opener, box cutter, 3 wrench sizes, a ruler, and a flathead screwdriver.

Best of all, it’ll only run you a few bucks!

#9.) Inspirational Travel Soap

bar of soap with adventure quote printed on it

Please please please don’t let your traveler be one of those backpackers who thinks soap is optional (you’d be surprised how many there are).

Each of these inspirational bars of soap have different travel phrases on them—a super cool gift for travelers who are about to leave on their trip (or just got home).

#10.) Airplane Germ Defense Protector

Is your traveler a germaphobe? If so, this cheap travel gift is sure to make their flights a bit less yucky. 

This airplane germ defense protector kit comes with disposable antibacterial latex covers that fit over headrests and bacteria-filled tray tables.

To top it off, throw in a box of disposable face masks. Take that, nasty germs!

Small Gifts for Travelers Recap

Now, while these are all legit gift ideas, if you want to make things a bit more special, here’s a tip:

Create a killer handmade card with a heartfelt message.

Do this, and the attention shifts away from your cheap gift, and on to your thoughtful card.

You’re welcome! 😎

Need even more gift ideas? We’ve got ya covered. Choose the type of traveler you’re shopping for below:

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