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15 UNIQUE Travel Gifts for Her [2024 Edition]

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Looking for unique travel gifts for women?

If so, I’ve got you covered.

It’s not easy coming up with good gift ideas for women who love travel. I mean, there is only so much space in their luggage. What could you possibly find that would be worth taking up their precious real estate (that they don’t already have)?

Well, to answer that, you have to get creative…and that’s exactly what I’m gonna help you with today!

Here is a list of 16 totally unique ideas she’ll absolutely LOVE.

So full disclosure: I’m NOT actually a female, nor do I have any idea what these strange creatures like. That’s why I recruited my lovely wife, Dayan, to give me ideas for unique travel gifts for her and help me write this post.

For even more ideas, make sure to also check out my overall best travel gifts for different types of travelers post.

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women hiking with text overlay 15 unique travel gifts for women

#1.) Infinity Travel Scarf (with Secret Pockets)

WAYPOINT GOODS Infinity Travel Scarf: Keep Essentials Safe | Anti-Theft Hidden Zipper Pocket | Perfect for Airplane

Travelers feel safe knowing their valuables are well-hidden when exploring unfamiliar places.

So really, anything with secret pockets makes a good gift for people who travel.

That said, this infinity travel scarf is EXTRA handy for women who want to travel in style. It’s lightweight enough to wear to the beach but is also a great extra layer to use in colder climates.

#2.) Portable Travel Jewelry Box

Vlando Small Travel Jewelry Box Organizer Display Case for Girls Women Gift Rings Earrings Necklaces Storage, Beige

Turns out men and women are different. A lot different.

I think it’s silly to travel with jewelry. It takes up space, serves no practical use, can get stolen…

My wife, on the other hand, kindly begs to differ. 

If you’re looking for a good travel gift for women who like jewelry, you can’t go wrong with this travel jewelry box organizer.

#3.) Travel Makeup Bag Organizer

ROWNYEON Makeup Bag Cosmetic Makeup Train Case Artist Makeup Organizer Professional Portable Storage Bag for Women Girl Waterproof EVA Adjustable Dividers Large Black

When it comes to packing light, men have it easy. 

Women, on the other hand, have a lot more things to keep organized. 

If you need a good gift idea for women who travel (especially if they like makeup), this travel makeup organizer would be a delightful surprise.

#4.) Security Door Stop Alarm

SABRE 120 dB Wedge Door Stop Security Alarm, Extremely Loud Wireless Alarm Siren Audible Up To 1,500 Ft., Non-Skid Pad, Compact Alarm Great for Home, Travel, Apartment or Dorm

This security door stop alarm is a good gift for female travelers (especially if they are traveling alone).

This handy little door stopper can be jammed under the door to prevent intruders from breaking in. If the door is forced open, an alarm will sound.

Pretty neat, huh?

If you’re worried about your female friend staying safe on the road, this useful travel gift will give you both peace of mind.

#5.) Multi-Use Sarong

1 World Sarongs Womens Hibiscus Flower Swimsuit Sarong

When it comes to travel clothes for women who want to pack light, sarongs are the ultimate travel present.

They’re freaking cool. (I wish they had sarongs for men)

They have like a million different uses depending on how you fold it. A sarong can be used as a skirt, swimsuit cover-up, shirt, scarf, blanket, beach towel…pretty much anything you want.

Talk about practical!

These come in handy anywhere, but are especially handy at the beach. For more ideas, check out these best gifts for beach lovers.

#6.) Women’s Merino Wool Anti-Odor T-shirt Merino Wool T-Shirt Women - 100% Merino Wool Base Layer Women Short Sleeve Tee (X-Small, Burgundy Wine Crewneck)

Let’s be honest…

Men aren’t the only ones who smell janky when they have limited clothes in humid destinations.

That’s why I recommend all ladies pack a Merino wool T-shirt. When there are no washing machines available, this material can resist odor for several days.

#7.) Mini Travel Hair Dryer

Conair miniPRO Tourmaline Ceramic Travel Hair Dryer with Folding Handle, Red

This is an essential travel gift for females who have extra space in their backpack (this mini hair dryer is surprisingly small).

Think about it. After trekking across the world to visit stunning remote destinations, your traveling lady friend is going to want some photos. Pretty photos. Photos where her hair doesn’t look like a crime scene.

Whenever she sees her beautiful hair in those pictures, she’ll think of you.

#8.) Mini Travel Hair Straightener

LOVANI Mini Flat Iron Travel Size Nano Titanium Dual Voltage Portable Hair for Worldwide Use 0.5 Inch Straightener with Professional Heat Resistant Travelling Bag

If you decide to buy the travel hair dryer, mind as well throw in this mini hair straightener too and call it the “Ultimate Hairdo Travel Set 100”. 

Remember, if her hair looks bad, she won’t want to take pictures. And if there are no pictures, did she really even go traveling?

#9.) Personalized Compass + Coordinates Necklace

women's compass necklace

If you haven’t noticed, I think the best gifts for travelers are ones that can be personalized—they’re more special…made specifically for one person.

This creative necklace comes engraved with a compass on one side along with custom GPS coordinates of “home”. On the backside of the necklace, there’s room for a date, initials, or short word.

I love the idea of this, but keep in mind…if they get robbed, the thief will know exactly where they live (Am I paranoid? Or have I just been in Colombia too long?)

#10.) World Map Bracelet

women's world map bracelet

If you’re completely stumped at what travel present to buy your globetrotting girl, you can’t go wrong with a simple, elegant bracelet.

This customizable bracelet comes in a silver-plated chain and is described as “dainty”. I’m not entirely sure what dainty means, all I know is it looks sweet!

#11.) Wandersafe Safety Beacon

wandersafe safety beacon

I’m a firm believer that most of the world is pretty safe (if the right precautions are taken). That said, it’s no secret that women need to be more careful than men. 

The Wandersafe Beacon is a useful travel gift that’ll help them stay safe. 

It’s a tiny device (fits in the palm of your hand) that has three potentially life-saving functions—a super bright flashlight, a loud personal alarm siren, and a “Silent Assist” button. When this button is hit, an automatic SMS message is sent to three emergency contacts that includes an “I’m in danger” message as well as a map of your coordinates.

No matter what country they’re traveling to (even if it’s a “safe” country), I highly recommend this.

#12.) Collapsible Travel Period Cup

Intimina Lily Cup Compact - Small Menstrual Cup with Flat-fold Compact Design, Disposable Menstrual Cups, Period Cup Reusable (Size A)

I thought about not including this. But then I thought…if I don’t, everyone will start leaving comments saying, “Mitch! I thought this was a comprehensive list of gifts for travelers! What about the collapsible travel period cups??”

So, here you have it!

I’m not even gonna try to explain. Because honestly, I rather not read the description before eating dinner.

If, after reading through all these unique gift ideas for her, you decide to buy the travel period cup…God bless your soul.

#13.) The “Swiss Army Knife” of Travel Jackets for Women

If you read about the Men’s version of this jacket and thought, “Aw snaps! I wish they had this in womens”—then today’s your lucky day.

To recap, this is the swiss army knife of travel jackets. 

It comes in four styles—vest, hoody, windbreaker, or bomber—and is loaded with 20+ nifty built-in features including a built-in eye mask, inflatable neck pillow and footrest, bottle opener, blanket, travel water bottle, and pockets for everything imaginable.

#14.) Tank Top (with Hidden Pockets)

Unisex Tank Top with Hidden Zipper Pockets, 100% Pickpocket Proof Holiday Tour

Yay! More stuff with hidden pockets!

Here’s a casual tank that’ll match with everything, and that has a super-secret pocket near the chesticle region.

Perfect for protecting cash, cards, and passports from thieving fingers. 

#15.) GRID-IT Accessory Organizer

Cocoon CPG7BK GRID-IT!® Accessory Organizer - Small 7.25' x 9.25' (Black)

So this neat thingymabob has tons of practical uses for both men and women, but I’ve included it here because one of the best uses is to organize makeup, brushes, and other beauty paraphernalia. 

It’s one of the best organizational travel accessories for those who are constantly rummaging around the recesses of their bags, frustrated because they can never find their lipstick.

Unique Travel Gifts For Her Recap

And there you have it!

15 perfect gift ideas for women who travel.

Since these ideas aren’t your typical travel essentials, you can rest easy knowing you aren’t buying something they already have.

By sticking to the handy ideas on this list, odds are it’ll actually make it into their suitcase (instead of collecting dust at home).

Best of all, they’ll think of you every time they use it around the world! 😎

Need even more gift ideas? We’ve got ya covered. Choose the type of traveler you’re shopping for below:

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