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15 PERFECT Travel Presents for Photography Lovers

15 PERFECT Travel Presents for Photography Lovers

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Whether professional or not, most travelers will agree that photography makes up a significant part of their trip. It’s one of the most popular travel hobbies in existence.

Everyone wants that perfect shot to remember the amazing places they’ve visited (and to show off on Instagram, of course).

To get that perfect shot, the equipment you use can make or break your experience (that’s what #1 on this list has done for us).

This is especially true when traveling. You need something compact and lightweight, otherwise it’ll be a nightmare to carry around.

With that said, here are some awesome travel gift ideas for photography-lovers. By choosing something on this list, you really can’t go wrong!

Worried your loved one already has all the photography gear they need? Check out this list of other cool travel gifts they’ll love.

#1.) Xenvo Pro Lens Kit for Cell Phone Photography

Sometimes improving your travel photography can be as easy as having the right accessories. If your traveler uses their phone for most of their photos, this simple little lens will help take their photography game to the next level.

This kit comes with two lenses: The wide angle lens and the close-up lens.

The wide angle lens is what your traveler will use the most.

Just clip it over your cell phone camera, and suddenly you can fit WAY more into the photo.

That means they’ll be able to:

  • Fit in entire buildings, mountains, and other landscapes into their shot (without having to use panorama, which never works)
  • Take selfies of groups of people without cutting people out
  • Take selfies of themselves with cool scenery in the background

Using this lens was an instant smartphone travel photography upgrade for us. It’s hard to imagine how we survived without it.

#2.) Dust Covers for Phone

Travel has a weird way of destroying electronics…especially if beaches and sand are involved. 

Luckily, there’s a simple solution: PortPlugs.

These little port covers will protect your traveler’s phone from sand, dust, and other travel-related gunk from getting inside. This’ll allow them to protect their phone when taking photos at the beach.

This set comes with a bunch of extras, as they are small and easy to misplace when on-the-go.

#3.) GoPro

This is one of the best travel gifts you can get someone who loves to do extreme sports and adventure activities. 

Whether that be scuba diving, surfing, motorcycling, snowboarding, skydiving, etc. The GoPro will let them take AMAZING shots that would be impossible with a normal phone or camera. 

And as you’re admiring their stunning travel posts on Instagram, you’ll know that YOU were the one that made them possible.

#4.) GoPro Mega-Value Accessory Kit

In order to get those incredible GoPro shots, your traveler is going to need some accessories. 

The problem is, the cost of these travel accessories adds up quickly when buying them individually. 

That’s why I recommend this 42-piece GoPro accessory kit, which will give them plenty of ways to get that perfect shot.

#5.) GoPro Dome Housing

Have you ever seen those amazing photos where half the image is below water and the other half above?

These photos are made possible with the GoPro Dome accessory (which unfortunately isn’t included in the accessory kit above).

It’s crazy to think that this one accessory costs more than the 42-piece kit above…but the incredible photos they’ll be able to take using the Dome are totally worth it!

#6.) Fujifilm Instant Film Camera

This instant film camera is definitely a unique gift for travelers that you don’t see every day. It’s actually something I wish someone would buy for ME!

How cool would it be to take photos with friends you meet around the world, print them instantly, and give them as gifts so they’ll forever remember your time together?

The answer is SUPER COOL!

#7.) Prynt Pocket Instant Photo Printer

Here’s a neat alternative to the Fujifilm Instant Camera above. 

Instead of having to carry an extra camera around, the Prynt Pocket Photo Printer lets you print directly from an iPhone.

However, this isn’t for everyone. For this to make a good travel gift, your traveler needs to:

Have an iPhone (not compatible with Android), and

Load up on the special printer paper before leaving (refills may be hard to find while traveling)

#8.) DJI Mavic Mini

Drones used to be big, bulky, and expensive…not ideal for travelers (especially light packers).

However, with the Mavic Mini, everything changed.

This lil’ guy is about the size of a can of soda and costs a fraction of the price of bigger drones. It is PERFECT for travelers.

If you’re looking for a gift for someone with a travel blog or vlog (or really anyone who wants to create beautiful videos documenting their adventure), this will not disappoint. I love these so much that I bought TWO of them (admittedly, that was because I crashed the first one into a river).

#9.) Insta360 One X 360 Action Camera

This thing looks epic!

It’s a 360-degree camera (meaning it shoots video in all directions simultaneously) and comes with some super high-tech features, like the “invisible selfie stick”.

I feel like my description doesn’t do it justice, so I recommend watching the product video on Amazon to understand exactly what this bad boy can do.

#10.) Peak Design Black Slide Camera Strap SL-2

Lugging around a heavy, expensive camera all day can get uncomfortable.

I can’t speak from personal experience, but this Peak Design Camera Strap SL-2 comes highly regarded by many professional photographers who say it is strong, secure, and comfortable for long periods of use. 

#11.) Lightweight Professional Tripod

Having a good tripod is a must for serious travel photographers. The trick is finding one that is lightweight and compact enough to carry around the world with them. 

After doing some research, I quickly found that these things can get expensive (like really expensive!). 

The Vanguard Alta Pro is one I found that seems to balance quality, price, and positive reviews. 

#12.) Cleaning Kit for DSLR

I’m not gonna lie—a lot of these travel gifts for photographers are on the expensive side.

So, here is a great idea if you’re on a tighter budget.

This professional cleaning kit for DSLR cameras will help your travel photographer keep their equipment in tip-top shape.

#13.) 256G SD Memory Card

Having a fancy camera means nothing if your traveler runs out of memory to store photos.

With this huge 256G SD Cards, your traveler will have plenty of space to store all their amazing pics (without having to switch memory cards all the time).

And if you really want to make sure all the memory needs are met, they even sell 512GB SD Cards—but these are a lot pricier and probably a bit too much (unless photography is what they do for a living).

Note: This is more of a gift for beginner photographers, as someone with experience probably has their memory card game figured out already.

#14.) Canon EOS M100 (Mirrorless Camera)

DSLR cameras are awesome, but they’re big. My wife has a DSLR and it’s a pain to pack and haul all over the place. 

If the photography-lover in your life is planning a long-term trip, they might be better off with a mirrorless camera like the Canon EOS M100. 

These cameras offer similar quality to DSLR cameras, but they are smaller and much easier to travel with.

#15.) Packable Duffel Bag

This last gift idea won’t directly help your traveler with their photography. But it WILL be useful for their trip.

If your photography lover travels with a lot of equipment, chances are they won’t have much extra space in their bags for souvenirs.

That’s where this packable duffel bag comes in handy.

Instead of having to buy an expensive extra suitcase, these cheap (yet sturdy) duffel bags pack down to almost nothing. That means you can easily store it in your normal backpack/suitcase, and if you ever need extra space…VIOLA!

The duffel bag I recommend is 65 liters. That should be big enough for most people. (I once bought a 120L version to transport my camping gear…it is MASSIVE!)

Travel Presents for Photography Lovers Recap

Photography can be an expensive hobby. And by gifting one of these high-quality pieces of equipment to your loved one, they’re sure to appreciate it (and probably constantly send you all the great shots they took with it).

That said, when giving your gift, be sure to remind them to put the camera down once in a while and enjoy the moment in real life.

Photos are nice, but true memories are made living in the moment with the camera turned off. 😇

Need even more gift ideas? We’ve got ya covered. Choose the type of traveler you’re shopping for below:

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